Maxwell Glick on the beach in FloridaHave you ever had to travel to do voice-over work?
What about voicing live at an event?
While most voice-overs are easily recorded from home, sometimes you need to be in person to deliver your lines.
Such was the case for a recent job that Maxwell Glick booked.
Hear more about his trip across the country to voice an elephant called Bubbles in today’s VOX Daily!

The Learning Experience and Bubbles

By Maxwell Glick provides us voice actors with incredible opportunities. I’d like to share with you one of those amazing opportunities I’ve received through! A couple of months ago, I auditioned for a project to voice a blue elephant named Bubbles for a company called The Learning Experience. They are a nationwide early education franchise with over 200 locations. After an initial audition for Bubbles, they had another callback, after which I was told I got the job! I was now the voice of Bubbles! Little did I know how incredibly cool this job would actually turn out to be.

After getting the job, I was told they would be flying me down to Miami for The Learning Experience’s company conference! Here, they would be doing a live stage show where they would be introducing the new Bubbles to the company’s franchisees! Before this, I recorded the voice of Bubbles for a video they showed at the conference. This included some really cute dialogue, and even a song! Once that was complete, I left for Miami a few days later.
When I got to Miami, they put me up in a fantastic hotel in South Beach.

We rehearsed one day, and then the next day we had our show. The Bubbles live character is a 3 person operation. Me doing the voice, someone inside the costume, and another person who is a puppeteer with a remote controlling the mouth, ears, and eyes of Bubbles. All 3 of us worked cohesively and the show went off without a hitch! It was an experience like I’ve never had before. The company was so thrilled with the new Bubbles and everyone was taking pictures with him after it.
 Maxwell Glick, the voice of Bubbles, pictured with Bubbles the Elephant

So What’s Next For Bubbles?

Well, it looks like this might become a regular gig for me. They are going to have Bubbles TV in all of their locations where Bubbles will be teaching the kids many different things. I’ll be voicing him for these segments and they’ll be shooting it in the same kind of style that Barney was shot. Who knows what the future will hold for Bubbles, but they want it to be BIG! They want it to eventually go to TV! For now, I’ll be recording the voice of Bubbles and putting lots of smiles on the faces of children all over the country.

So, a big thanks to for making it possible for me to even have the chance to audition for a project like this. I am so grateful to everyone there. This could be one of those life changing jobs! So to everyone out there auditioning, keep going, and keep focused, because you never know what the next job you audition for might bring you.

Keep In Touch!

If you’d like to hear more about any of my really great experiences and voiceovers and acting in general, follow me on twitter @maxwellglick and I’d be glad to chat.
Maxwell Glick

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