Birmingham, Alabama USADo you have the auditioning blues?

If you’re feeling discouraged because the jobs are just not coming in from your auditioning efforts, I trust this story will do much to lift your spirits!
Enjoy this expository piece by voice over talent Michael Morgan today on VOX Daily.

Miracles Do Happen

By Michael Morgan
I began my subscription to about two years ago and in the beginning it was a struggle.
I would get up every morning, check my invitations and away I would go auditioning for as long as my voice could hold out in the heat of my small studio. It went on like that for 6 months, audition after audition with no results, sometimes the feedback would indicate I had come close but not close enough. I tried every voice nuance I could think of, every possible angle to make a breakthrough in the business but alas no such breakthrough was forthcoming.

Then one day, in the middle of a particularly loud and energetic read, I hit the red line and I just gave up. I asked myself “Why am I doing this, why would I torture myself this way and all for no gain, no encouragement, just rejection.” In a total fit of anger and frustration I ripped my script in half and threw it on the floor and unbelievably began to jump on it, like an animated ape in a cartoon. What a sight I was, ripping, jumping, yelling at the world at full throttle.

Eventually the moment passed and I picked up the shreds of my script and deposited them in the garbage and I prepared to change the scenery a bit and go out for a walk.
As I pulled on my sweater and laced up my shoes I heard the familiar sound of an incoming email. I had no idea whom that email might be from but I poked my head in the my studio, just to take a peek, and there it was, my first paying gig, on the screen for all to see and, not just any voice over, it was a sign from above.

The client’s name was Stacy Cobb and he ran a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Alabama called the Foundry. His ministry reached out to the homeless and the helpless and without judgment of any kind it would offer food, clothing and love to those in the most need.
What they had chosen me for was to be the voice of God in a television commercial.
The voice of God.

It was very humbling particularly in light of my previous tantrum and it served as a reminder that the universe is a wondrous place and if your heart and mind are open and you can keep your own faith and belief in yourself and your inner talent, then keep on auditioning and working with your friends at because every now and then miracles do happen, and you can take that from the voice of God in Alabama.
Michael Morgan

Have You Got Work in a Time of Crisis That Affirmed Your Talent?

Looking forward to hearing any comments you may have for Michael as well as your own story.
Best wishes,
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  1. Such a real and heartwarming story to begin my day! Thanks, Michael and Stephanie, for reminding us all that dedication to our craft brings rewards in many ways. Hmmm….so that’s what God sounds like! lol

  2. Thanks, Michael- this was very encouraging. I too have been doing the same- so far, one paying gig for an audiobook and then one more from the same company. I work a job to pay the bills during the day and come home to audition for my love- the upside I’ve found is by auditioning everyday for so many varied projects is that I am practicing my craft every day and low and behold… I am getting better!! The process works!!! I’m sure that my audition demos are getting better and soon will catch the ear of a client. Congratulations Michael on catching the ear of someone selflessly serving your community!

  3. Hello to Michael,
    I would like to know how many more jobs did you receive after your Voice of God from Alabama voiceover? Are the job invitations more or less? Have you invited any female voices into your studio and projects?

  4. Michael, Thanks for sharing–I was just thinking about this subject this morning after recording a few auditions. It’s only been a month since I jumped back into this business, still looking for my first job. Hoping this story is a sign of good things to come!
    Dan Deslaurier

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Michael! Although I’m not quite at the “tantrum” stage yet, I have definitely been feeling frustrated lately. Your story reminded me once again to be patient and know that God has a plan – thanks for the inspiration! Here’s hoping many more jobs are heading your way!

  6. I really enjoyed reading this story!
    Thank you Michael; and thank you Stephanie for making such encouraging pieces available to us.
    This much I know: Perserverance pays off!
    (And God is good. He knows just when to bring a situation
    like this to pass).
    I’m so grateful that Voices exists.
    It’s been a definite blessing in my life!

  7. Dear Stephanie and Responders,
    Thank you so much for your kind words this story is always a reminder to me that we do have to count our blessings and be grateful even if it looks like there is little or no hope. Right around the they say! A small note when you hit the Foundry’s commercial reel my voice is on the following titles ‘I Still Am’ and ‘Thirst for hope” Again my thanks for your comments
    Michael Morgan
    Olympics 2010

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    I have been a Voicesdotcom subscriber for quite a while, and it has been a struggle to endlessly audition and not get any jobs. I can definitely empathize with Michael. I too just get so discouraged and just call out to that “Higher Authority” and ask, WHY? I just want to hang it up and quit and go be a Wal-Mart greeter.
    Well, this past week was one of those weeks. Frustrated, discouraged, down-trodden, the whole nine yards. Well, I peddle my talent using other avenues on the internet, one being oDesk. A job provider posted a job to do an audio Bible (KJV). So, I auditioned, reading a passage from the book of Matthew as directed – the passage with all the boring “begats” – but I put my soul into that read none the less.
    I went about my business around the house as usual, and I heard the familiar beep of incoming email. Shortly, I checked the email and discovered that the poster of the project was very interested in hiring me for the project. Well, you probably know the rest of the story at this point, so I’ll just say that we are in the final process and about to begin the project.
    I wish it could have been through Voicesdotcom, but I have a feeling, that will be coming soon.
    Best Regards,
    Wayne (Edwards) Nelms


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