Toobaloo red reading speech tool  | Blog - Where clients and voice actors can find valuable information on pre-production, technology, animation, video and audio production, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, voiceover industry news and more! Can listening to yourself read make a difference in how you deliver copy?
The TOOBALOO, a tool designed to help children and adults listen more clearly to their reading rate, phrasing and expression, could also be an inexpensive way for voice actors to get instant auditory feedback when reading copy.

Using a TOOBALOO will give you the inside track on your vocal sound, duration, pitch and stress.
Learn more about TOOBALOO and how it works in today’s VOX Daily.

An Amp From Your Voice To Your Ear

When I was at an educational toy store earlier today to pick up a couple gifts, I came across the most marvelous, unassuming tool called the TOOBALOO. For less than what it costs to have a modest lunch, I scooped up this gem that for some people, serves as a priceless part of their life.

The TOOBALOO is a phone-like device that allows people to hear themselves clearly while speaking softly into it. The design of the TOOBALOO magnifies their voice allowing them to hear their sounds and words distinctly.

Who uses the TOOBALOO?

  • 3 years old to adults
  • Classroom teachers
  • Reading teachers
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Special Education teachers
  • Music teachers
  • Foreign Language teachers
  • Parents


Many of the people who use these tools are children, however, a large number of adults also use the TOOBALOO for auditory feedback concerning their speech. See how the TOOBALOO can be used by speech pathologists below:

  • Used by speech pathologists to help clients with fluency disorders, monitor and regulate their speech
  • Provide auditory feedback to help the clients detect their errors (articulation, phonological)
  • Help to regulate vocal intensity and self monitor their fluency
  • Motivates students to use correct productions and good vocal qualities
  • Lightweight and portable, which can be sent home for practice to promote carryover

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3!

I gave the TOOBALOO a test drive with some small children and they enjoyed hearing their voices through the device. The quieter they spoke, the clearer their voices were coming through the TOOBALOO. I found that the TOOBALOO is a wonderful way to really hear what you are reading (diction, phrasing, where to breathe, cadences, and so on) without focusing on the color or tone of your voice. This is a great technical tool for actors who need to rehearse a script quietly or people who want to improve their fluency in a discreet manner while reading aloud.

How Do You Get Auditory Feedback?

Looking forward to hearing about how you listen to your voice! Be sure to comment on the blog to join the conversation.
Best wishes,
Photo via, home of the original TOOBALOO

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  1. We’re can I get one, just had some dental work done, I think the toobaloo would help me getting my voice in shape!!

  2. What a wonderful device! My son has an auditory processing disorder that really affects his reading fluency and comprehension. I can’t wait to have him try this. And, of course, when he’s at school I might have to sneak it in with my daily vocal exercises. Thanks for the info, Stephanie.

  3. Hi Chaz,
    I got mine at an educational/educators store called Scholar’s Choice. These are sold online but also in places such as the shop I referred to.
    Thanks for reading and for your question!
    Best wishes,

  4. WOW! Thirty-three years ago I built a similar tool for each of my first and second grade students to encourage them to read aloud to themselves. Because students could use a quiet voice, all of them could read aloud at the same time. It worked wonders! I cut up PVC pipes and attached a PVC elbow at each end. Should have patented the idea back then, huh???????? LOL!
    Thanks for the suggestion and for the memories….

  5. I would really love to have a tool like TOOBALOO. Since high school, I’ve always had this terrible way of talking too fast or not getting my words out right. It got worse when I went to university and that’s when I thought I have to speak less and write more. It’s especially troublesome for me when I get too excited or too overcome with emotion because all you could hear from me are jumbled words that you wouldn’t understand. This tool would hopefully be a miracle worker for me.


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