Teenagers thumbs upOut of the 357 comments submitted before 12 p.m. EST, we have narrowed the slogans down to 10.

There were so many wonderful slogans submitted and we’re grateful to everyone who participated in this exciting contest!
Is your slogan one of the 10?
Find out who the finalists are in the Voices.com Slogan Contest!

Voices.com Slogan Contest Finalists

In no particular order, here are the top 10 finalists whose slogans caught our eye.
“Voices.com: Your Words, Our Voices”
Philippe Bernaerts
“Voices.com: We Say It All”
Mary Morgan
“Voices.com: You write it, we’ll say it”
Mary Morgan
“Voices.com: When we talk, people listen”
Brad Venable
“Voices.com: Hear the difference”
Tim Hunt
“Voices.com: Say it better”
Alex Rain
“Voices.com: We say it for you”
Andy Boyns
“Voices.com: Making you sound good”
Lisa Rice
“Voices.com: A Word’s Best Friend”
Rajiv Hasan
“Voices.com: Say it to the World”
Carol Inman
The winning slogan will be announced later today!
Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. There were hundreds of spectacular ideas!
Stay tuned…
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  1. There are a couple very good ones on the list you thought were just funny. With the bright graphics and over all fun look of the site, I think you might consider some slightly more edgy “slogans.” These are clever, fun and say VO to me.
    Like Colin’s – “Voices.com: Someone has to say it”
    Juan Carlos’ – “Voices.com: Just pros no cons”
    Mercedes’ – “Voices.com: Enough Said”

  2. These are fantastic slogans. I can’t wait to see what you choose! I had one too, but didn’t get a chance to send it in time.
    I’ll share it anyway, because this is what comes to my mind when I think of voices.com:
    voices.com: “Voices with Flavor!”
    Thanks for all your hard work and support!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Maria Berry
    Voice Artist/Producer

  3. Hi Stephanie…& The Voices Team!
    So listen I’m really sorry I was not able to submit on time. I was not able to be at a pc.
    I realize that there was a deadline but I figured I’d submit my little ideas to you anyway.
    So here it is:
    Voices.com: Created by you…Told by us!
    Voices.com: Bringing your words to life!
    Well those were my thoughts.
    I’m sorry I was not able to submit yesterday.
    All my best,

  4. Hello–hey, just wondered about the slogan by Brad Venable–“Voices.com: When we talk people listen”. I had actually submitted that and at the time I submitted it, scrolled down through all the prior posts and it had not yet been taken–perhaps I missed it and his was there before mine? If mine happened to be posted first, I would like consideration for that one! No sour grapes, but just checking.
    Karen DeBoer

  5. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for writing in. I looked for a comment from you and there isn’t one that I can find and it would appear that great minds think alike.
    I hope it didn’t go in with the spam (I checked multiple times and fished comments out of there to approve) and apologize if it was missed somehow or failed to make it through.

  6. Congratulations Andy…great slogan!, and to all the finalists!
    And thank you very much Connie for your comment about one of my slogans Just Pros, no Cons, I really appreciate it. I still like it a lot… but well, at least it made it to the 20 that made them laugh right? We may see it on a t-shirt.
    Juan Carlos

  7. I know this is a bit late! I have not looked at anyone’s submissions yet But here are my thoughts:
    Voices.com: Voice Of The People
    Voices.com: Be Vocal
    Voices.com: Come Talk With Us!
    Voices.com: Be Heard
    Voices.com: Talk The Talk
    Voices.com: Chat Us Up
    Voices.com: The Internet Voice
    LOL those are my ideas, just on the spot haha
    Grats to all the top tens!


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