Mexican FlagWith Summer’s glory turning to Fall overnight, a new season is afoot for travel and tourism!
While many Canadians and Americans may find themselves attracted further south, other people from around the world are descending on North America with the help of travel and tourism adverts.
Hear about one such story involving Brits, Mexicans and The City of Toronto.

When tuning in to CBC Radio One this afternoon, I heard that Tourism Toronto is gearing up for UK and Mexican travelers this Autumn. A special emphasis was placed on Mexicans coming to Hogtown and it got me wondering…

Why would Mexicans want to travel to Toronto?

To carry this quest a bit further, I did a quick Google search which yielded the following: cites that “Affluent Mexicans and Britons are the targets of new international ad campaigns announced Tuesday by Tourism Toronto and the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corp.” Maclean’s also reports that Tourism Toronto has launched a new Spanish language website for Mexican travelers at

Toronto as an Urban Hot Spot

In a recent press release, David Whitaker, CEO of Tourism Toronto, said:

“2005 was a record year for visitation from the UK, while Mexico is quickly becoming Toronto™s hottest new market, one that recognizes the compelling product here in Toronto. These fully integrated campaigns demonstrate our commitment to increasing Toronto and Ontario™s exposure to consumers and the travel trade in growing international markets, and will further establish Toronto as a cosmopolitan, inspirational urban destination.”

The UK is Toronto™s top international market with nearly 300,000 overnight visitors in 2006, while overnight visitation from Mexico remains one of Toronto™s fastest-growing markets, up 41.3% since 2001.
Do remember that when I first heard about this story I was in a car listening to the radio. During the report, there was a sound bite featuring one of the Spanish voice over radio ads hitting the air waves, promoting Toronto to Mexicans living in Mexico in their native tongue. Well done to whoever it was (a gentleman) performing the voice over!

Have you recently been commissioned to do voice overs for anything tourism related?

If you’re in Mexico and have heard some of these Canadian commercials asking you to come to Toronto, I’d love to hear from you too.
Best wishes,

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  1. My first national spot was for San Antonio Convention and Visitor’s Bureau… British Caledonian Airways (waaaaay back when!) and if you call it tourism, I’ve done work for about half a dozen museums… including the new Woodstock Museum.

  2. The most extensive, time consuming but certainly one of the most enjoyable VO jobs I have ever done was for the tourism website . I recorded over 10 hours of downloadable podcasts (some available on iTunes, English version), for hundreds of things to see and do in Paris. It inspired me to go back for there a visit and see some of the things I’d be talking about!


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