Donald Trump Celebrity ApprenticeCaught any of the new Celebrity Apprentice program?

Although the profile of the assembled cast may be elevated to include celebrity personalities nothing much has changed. The participants are still required to partake in tasks that will demonstrate their abilities to work together and call upon creative forces. This season, the teams are divided by gender, Empresario for the ladies and Hydra for the men.

One of the recent episodes consisted of the teams having to create a concept and commercial for dog food manufacturer, Pedigree. Notable project manager for team Hydra was Gene Simmons from KISS.

Part of the task, as is the norm for the majority of television commercials, included a voice over.

Marilu Henner performed the voice over for the women’s team for their comparatively sparse commercial while the men decided to feature Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis on camera with a voice over performed by Trace Adkins who may just find that a career in voice over is in his future.



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