As the Feagin Artist Professor, Bettye Zoller will be teaching students enrolled in the Theatre Division of the University of Tulsa (voice-overs/voice acting) in early February in Tulsa Oklahoma. While Bettye is present, the university has graciously arranged for a public workshop in Tulsa to be presented on Sunday, February 3rd (1-5 p.m.) This is in response to the numerous requests from people who are not university students but who seek Ms. Zoller’s training in voice-overs and prefer a workshop in Oklahoma.

Bettye Zoller related, “When I informed the University of this and the numerous emails and phone calls I continue to receive in this regard, they arranged an OPEN ENROLLMENT workshop in Tulsa for those who are not university students! Thank you to the University of Tulsa for letting us use their wonderful facility. And a special thank you to Professor Lisa Wilson of the University of Tulsa Theatre Division.”

All details of the location on the campus will be revealed to enrollees. Register online at the webstore soon as this will sell out quickly. Space is limited.

The fee is $125 to attend. Register online to secure an appointment for a limited number of one-hour private consultations available while Ms. Zoller is in Tulsa. The private consultations will be scheduled individually after you enroll and will take place daytime and evening hours on February 5 and 6 while space lasts.

About Bettye Zoller

Bettye Zoller Seitz is the award-winning voice of thousands of commercials, film video narrations, telephone messages, toys, any’s location, description and website is ideal. She also is a voice speech and voice-over coach, audio engineer, audio producer. She is the recipient of CLIOS, ADDYS, GOLDEN RADIOS, and AUDIE AWARDS. She has served on faculties at Southern Methodist University, University of Texas at Arlington, and the Dallas County Community Colleges. She travels by invitation to present workshops for university divisions, organizations, and conferences. Her 2008 schedule is always found on homepage of website at Call for information on available 2008 dates! She is a Simon and Schuster audio author/reader, author of 11 other audio CD titles and several books. She owns and operates the VoicesVoices Recording Studio in Dallas Texas.


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