Over a decade into the digital revolution, television ads still have a large impact on the buying habits of consumers. According to a recent study released by Deloitte, 52 percent of UK consumers still believe TV is the most impactful medium for businesses to advertise their products or services.

Considering that nearly all TV commercials include voice-overs and are the bread and butter for many voice actors this is good news for the voice-over community at large.

“Television advertising continues to have a big impact on the public and capture their imagination because it consistently attracts a large audience, with a typical viewer watching more than four hours a day,” the report indicates.

Deloitte’s research also highlights how TV campaigns can complement online sales.  Television’s influence on Internet search and then subsequent sales is supported by Deloitte’s research with over one in ten respondents (11 per cent) saying they searched for a product online after seeing an advertisement or sponsorship on TV first.

Following Deloitte’s study, The Direct Response Television (DRTV) Centre offered up some advice on how to create an impactful ad and get the desired response from consumers. They suggest that a great TV commercial begins with strategic thinking, and to take each critical step in the planning process into consideration including; your advertising objective, target audience, key competitive advantage and the desired response.

Part of this process also includes hiring professional script writers and voice actors to accurately convey the tone and values of the brand.

Source:  PRWebUK

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