Johnna GottliebJohnna Gottlieb (pictured at left) is teaching an online course in “How To Become a Successful Voice Over Artist” via UCLA Extension this spring!

Regardless of where you are, you could be learning from one of the industry’s best on Wednesdays starting April 14th through May 19th. As a former agent working with top talent in NYC, Johnna has the inside scoop on what it takes to make it in the biz.
I’ve included more information for those interested here in today’s VOX Daily.

Want To Study Voice Over Online?

Talent and technique are just starting points in the voice over business.
In Johnna Gottlieb’s course, participants will learn the essentials for developing a career and succeeding in this exciting and lucrative field.

Topics Include:

๏ developing a marketing strategy,
๏ the different categories of voice overs and their rates of pay
๏ standards for a competitive voice over reel
๏ signing with the right agency
๏ understanding contracts

Instruction Also Covers The Future Of:

๏ Internet casting
๏ unions that govern voice over work and how to become a member
๏ union vs. non-union work
๏ the use of celebrities and the impact they have on the industry
๏ the basics of creating your own home studio
Guests include top voice over talent, agents, casting directors, and producers.

Important Details:

What: How To Become a Successful Voice Over Artist (online course)
When: Wednesdays starting April 14 through May 19, 2010
Who’s teaching: Johnna Gottlieb
Classes: 6 meetings total
Fee: $415

Learn more about Johnna by visiting her website and also by listening to her podcast on Voice Over Experts.
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  1. Thanks, Stephanie for spreading the word. I just want to let anyone who is interested know they can contact me with questions at I already have amazing guests lined up (including, I just need a class now. 😉 Don’t delay, sign up ASAP!!

  2. Hello Ms. Gottlieb,
    when will you do a webinar? As with many, I ‘m former radio morning host, radio news presenter, but unlike some , I have done VO’s in the mid-east for British radio, journalism..etc..NOW…here in the US., I ‘m finding difficulties in getting hired for work! what am I doing wrong? is it so different then abroad?? desparately need your help…would appreciate any advice you can give…..thx


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