Latona Fountain at VersaillesEver strolled through a place and found yourself accompanied by a familiar voice?

This happened to me a few weeks ago when I was in the gardens of Versailles. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered that the voice I heard belonged to one of’s talent members!
Find out whose voice over is currently playing on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles in today’s VOX Daily.

Parlez-vous Anglais?

About a month ago David and I visited Paris, France. While there, we made a day trip to Versailles on the RER and were enchanted by the grandeur, history and beauty once enjoyed by the French royal family hundreds of years ago. The palace is situated in Versailles. The lodge was built during the reign of Louis XIII, and along with the acquisition of more land and the passage of time (Louis IV did much to improve and establish it as a royal residence), became the breathtaking and magnificent national treasure that it is today.

Touring the palace was an lovely experience, especially when guided by voices via an Audio Guide. I will be covering audio guides in more detail in an upcoming article, but today, I’d like to focus on a voice I heard while outside in the gardens of Versailles near the fountains. Louis IV first commissioned the celebrated French landscape professional André Le Nôtre in 1661 to begin an enormous work that created beauty and elegance fit for a king.

Prior to the beginning of the daily fountain show, a female voice speaking in English made an announcement. Her voice sounded lyrical, joyous and… familiar! Little did I know that the voice over artist happened to be one of our own, Claire Dodin.
Upon finding this out, I was inspired to learn more about how Claire became the voice heard in the gardens of Versailles.

An Interview with Claire Dodin

VOX: How many lines of voiceover did you record for Versailles?
CLAIRE DODIN: I recorded 24 announcements for the Gardens of Versailles, playing right now until the end of the summer. They play all day throughout the park and gardens and tell people about the fountain displays, light shows and fireworks.

VOX: When did you record them? Was this done from your home studio?
CD: I recorded this from my home studio mid March.

VOX: How did you get the job?
CD: I got the job through a referral. This person I had worked with recommended me to the client who then contacted me for an audition and I won the job. I am native French and it is in English, but I think they wanted someone who could not only speak with a good English accent but also pronounce all the French names correctly. The voice from last year was a men, so they obviously decided to switch to a woman this year. I’m hoping I’ll get to do this every year! I’m very proud to have added Versailles to the list of prestigious landmarks where you can hear my voice 🙂 Thanks Steph!

Have You Encountered Familiar Voices Too?

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