Video games prove to be recession proof?What’s the most stable market for voice overs right now?

It could very well be voice acting work in video games, at least for now.
As we bring 2008 to a close, I think it would be interesting to take a look at what this market is doing at how it may fare going into 2009.
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In a time where many companies, even entire industries, are scaling their nonessential efforts down and maximizing their resources, one industry in particular, Video Gaming, is not only stable, but growing by leaps and bounds.

According to The Economist, global sales of console hardware and games software are expected to hit a record $49.9 billion this year, sourcing Screen Digest, a consulting firm. Games sales in America in October totaled $697m, 35% more than a year earlier, according to NPD, a market-research firm.

Many Video Games Need Voice Overs

Video games often include the use of voice overs. In recent years, smash hits such as the Halo video games, Grand Theft Auto series, BioShock and others have dominated the video gaming scene and lauded for their gameplay, plots and notably, voice acting.

Everything is Cyclical

While video gaming sales are going wild now, some are speculating that there could be a slight decrease in the market soon.

How Have You Found This Market To Be?

Have you recorded voice overs for any video games lately? How do you perceive this market?
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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I’ve been fortunate to have done a fair number of games this year. It can definitely be a good income. Much of it is area specific, but there are a growing number of internet-based games that are using VO also… these are a bit more flexible in terms of recording location.
    Although the video game industry is still on the rise, it only takes a little news hunting to find some companies that are in trouble. No company is immune in these odd financial times, IMHO.
    It’s good work if you can get it – jump in when you get the opportunity!

  2. Hi, Stephanie…
    I had the great opportunity to be a part of the new “Curse of the Pharoah 2” game for Ph03nix Media back in September and based on recent job postings, there does seem to be an increase in the voiceover activity.

  3. Stephanie,
    This type of information is invaluable…I haven’t even heard it discussed in the financial media. Please keep up the excellent work !


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