At a Tim Hortons in Kelowna, BC, a creative collaboration between sports announcer Ralph Hass and a homeless Johnny Cash impersonator known as Sir Edmund Thundermonkey the 5th spawned a YouTube video dedicated to hockey or more specifically, the Canucks.

The tribute video includes footage of the ongoing Stanley Cup run of 2011 for the Canucks and highlights from the unsuccessful 1994 and 1982 Cup runs. The video editing was completed just one day after game one of the Stanley Cup finals against Boston.

The collaboration extended across British Columbia as Hass called in singer/songwriter Corey Doak for sound engineering and Jonathan Galbraith of Vancouver to assemble the video. The photos and graphic at the end of the video are courtesy of Geoff Heith, a photographer based out of Abbotsford, BC. Justin Dueck helped out with backing vocals. Dueck just happens to have the same name as Hass’s eldest son. Hass acted as main songwriter for the parody project – with a lot of help from AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” original.

Hockey and humor here. Enjoy!


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