Kara Edwards is one of voice over’s greenest spokespeople for how voice actors can make simple choices to save energy, trees and more.

Although this article follows Earth Day, it doesn’t hurt to be sensitive to the environment every day of the year, not just on one day of global observation.

Kara Edwards blogged about a number of ways voice actors specifically can contribute to a greener, cleaner world.

Edwards cites that several items on the following list came from the book “1001 Little Ways to Save Our Planet” by Esme Floyd.  Edwards also added some of her own thoughts to the mix.

1. Add a potted plant to your studio for each piece of electric equipment you own. It will help counter the negative effects of radiation while freshening the air you breathe.

2. Use a fan. Our equipment is hot, so add an energy conserving fan to your studio to avoid having to crank up the AC.

3. Add a fresh bowl of warm water to your studio each morning… this will help maintain humidity that is depleted by electronic equipment.

3. Set up near a window if possible. This way you can use natural light during the day instead of turning on a light. It is good for your eyes and your spirits to look outside!

4. Power down. Turn off your mic and pre-amp when not in use. Shut down your computer at night. If possible, unplug as well. Even when items are turned off, 5% of electricity is still being consumed.

5. Use envelopes from junk mail as scrap paper for your notes. Conserve paper.

6. Dust and vacuum! Keeping your equipment and vents clean will increase their overall efficiency.

7. When possible, buy used equipment. Just make sure it is in proper working condition!

8. Don’t throw out old equipment. Sell it or find a place that will recycle it.

9. Did you know it can take hundreds of years for a compact disc to degrade? By sending audio through e-mail, you are saving our planet!

Source: Kara Edwards’ Blog



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