How is a voice talent made? Is there a certain kind of person who becomes a voice actor, or is this a career that anyone can succeed in?

Voice actors come from a variety of backgrounds, some from broadcast radio and television, others from theatre, music and public speaking. Many come from fields outside of the performing arts. That being said, they all share one common bond being the desire to use their voice in a meaningful way that will positively impact those around them and beyond.

Each person has a story as evidenced by the diversity of tales told in the video series. People got their start in different ways, at different times and were prompted by different A number of voice actors knew though from a young age that they wanted to do something with their voice. Audiences get a glimpse into the lives of voice talent Andy Boyns, Dave DeAndrea, Brenda Robinson, Dave Courvoisier, Herb Merriweather and Joe J Thomas with more to come.

The videos are hosted on’s YouTube channel.


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