Bolt is an animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. A little dog named Bolt and a girl named Penny are the stars of a hit television series called Bolt. On the show, the dog has super powers and he and Penny are constantly fighting the super villain, Doctor Calico. Little does Bolt know that the producers have deceived him into believing the television show is actually his real life and that he possesses superpowers. When the show films its latest episode, Bolt escapes from the set, thinking Penny has been kidnapped by the nefarious Doctor.

During his adventures to find Penny he goes from Hollywood to New York City, where he meets Mittens, a female alley cat and Rhino, a fearless hamster and huge Bolt fan. Mittens lets him in on the secret that he truly doesn’t have superpowers, but the three continue their journey, whilst Penny, saddened over Bolt’s disappearance, continues to work on the show with a Bolt look alike. The three finally reach Penny and things work themselves out.

Celebrity Voice Actors for Disney

High profile actors such as John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Malcolm McDowell and Susie Essman made the movie a hit by lending their voices to the characters. They were quite an impressive cast of voices for this animated adventure. For the French version, Bolt is voiced by actor Richard Anconina and the two cats and the various pigeons are voiced by Omar Sy and Fred Testot.

John Travolta

John Travolta, the highly-regarded, award-winning actor, plays the canine TV star Bolt. His voice gives a personality to Bolt that couldn’t have been found elsewhere. In the movie, Bolt’s claim to fame is his Superbark. Although, Travolta has appeared in hundreds of TV show episodes and movies, he has done minimal voice over work.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, Disney star and singer, gives voice to Bolt’s best friend and TV costar Penny. She loves Bolt and is distressed by his disappearance. Cyrus’ voice fits the image of Penny perfectly. Cyrus is in the youth of her career and has done little voice work other than that of Penny.

Susie Essman

Susie Essman, actress, writer and producer, brings Mittens; the house cat turned alley cat, to life. Mittens travels with Bolt to help find Penny and brings Bolt to some hard realizations about himself. Essman has provided numerous voices to characters for shows like Crank Yankers and Kim Possible.

Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell, long-time actor and producer, provides the voice for the evil Doctor Calico, Bolt and Penny’s arch-nemesis. At first Bolt doesn’t know that the Doctor is just a TV character. He thinks the Doctor kidnaps Penny in real life. McDowell has done voice work for various TV shows, movies and video games over a period of many years.

Other Voice Talents of Bolt:

  • Mark Walton – Rhino
  • Nick Swardson – Blake
  • Diedrich Bader – Veteran Cat
  • Chloe Moretz – Young Penny
  • Greg Germann – The Agent
  • James Lipton – The Director
  • Randy Savage – Thug
  • Kari Wahlgren – Mindy
  • Grey Delisle – Penny’s Mom


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