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What better place in the world to level up your voice acting business and career than New York City?

On May 20, 2017,’s LevelUp event in Brooklyn, New York City, is an intensive one-day event for voice over actors. Featuring expert speakers, industry coaches and thought leaders, LevelUp NYC will take attendees on a deep dive into honing your craft, improving your business, increasing your workflow and nailing auditions.

And just to make sure that every voice actor at any level in their career can benefit, the event is divided into two tracks: Beginner and Pro.

Here is a description of who will be delivering their expert insights to Voice Over Beginners

Brian Thon

Such a Voice – New to Voiceover?

Brian ThonAbout: Brian Thon (pronounced ‘Tone’) is an US based, international voice artist and national producer, who has worked with up-and-coming voice talent, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians, as well as published authors.

Over the past 25 years, Brian’s ever-expanding voice credits include independent radio, film, live television, and events. He has voiced work for a wide-variety of clients from professional sports teams to Fortune 500 companies, such as GE Healthcare and Fox News.

Through his own company, True Tone Studios, LLC., Brian writes, produces, and hosts a weekly radio show, Track Jumping, which is designed for national syndication.

Session Description:

In this class, you will learn about a unique way to cash in on one of the most fulfilling and lucrative work-from-home, part-time or full-time, jobs out there! Brian will show how you can use your speaking voice professionally for films, videos, narrations, commercials, and more.

This is business that you can handle on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with minimal overhead. Now is the best time to make this happen as the industry continues to grow beyond $15 billion a year, thanks to all the latest technology developments.

Tommy Griffiths

Audition Diagnosis

Tommy GriffithsBio: In addition to being a home recording studio consultant, Tommy’s SAG-AFTRA card says “member since 1981,” so needless to say he’s been a voice talent for many years. During this time, Tommy has also coached and produced demos for nearly 500 voice artists worldwide, and he continues to produce and host commercial podcasts and voice-tracks radio shows for stations across the U.S.

Session Description: In this session, Tommy will walk the audience through crafting your read for optimal success in the online casting space.

Additional Content:

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Bruce Kronenberg

Don’t Sell It – Believe It

Bruce KronenbergBio: Bruce Kronenberg has been a professional voice over instructor for almost a decade.

Bruce has led his students to not only book lucrative voice over work, but to also sign as clients some of the biggest voice over agents in New York City. His training includes a strong focus on mining the emotional point of view of a piece of copy in conjunction with perfecting technical precision.

Bruce’s expertise comes from his 25-year voice over career and his stage and film work as an actor. Some of Bruce’s past clients include Mountain Dew, Campbell’s Soup, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Pepsi Cola, Taco Bell, Pringles, Castrol Motor Oil and Planters Nuts. As a promo artist, he has worked for CBS, ESPN, MTV, VH1, Spike TV, CNN, National Geographic, and The Discovery Channel.

In addition, Bruce is an owner and instructor at Abacus Entertainment at the historic Film Center Building in Midtown Manhattan.

Session Description: In this session, Bruce will discuss how voice over reads have changed and how “selling” the copy is no longer the trend. Instead, voice actors should be focused on sounding like you believe in what you’re saying and communicating.

This is an interactive session in which attendees can try their hand at reading a piece of copy out loud to the group.

Additional Content:

Xavier Paul Cadeau

The Voice Over Industry of Today – and Tomorrow (Concluding Address)

Bio: With 25 years of voiceover experience, and as the current voice of several major brand campaigns, Xavier Paul Cadeau is someone with a story to tell.

A former on-air host for the SyFy Channel, Fox Family Channel, and JetBlue TV, Xavier’s most recent credits include voice over work for the NBA, the History Channel’s UFO Files, Gatorade, Burger King, Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs Cereal, and Foot Locker.

Session Description: In this concluding talk, Xavier Paul Cadeau creates a vision for the voice over industry of tomorrow through sharing real career scenarios, dispelling myths about the voice over craft and industry, and relating technological realities with the current marketplace. This talk promises to be transformative, paving the way for new possibilities for both seasoned voice over pros and industry newcomers.

Come for the Speakers, Stay for the Networking

Attending LevelUp is more than just a chance to hear from industry experts, it’s also an opportunity to meet with peers, hear from clients and grow your network!

Learn more or sign-up today!

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