If you’re interested in attending voice-over conferences but don’t have the time to travel, you’re in luck!

VoiceOverExtra has opened registration for Voice Over Virtual, the industry’s first ever conference held exclusively online. For more than six years the event’s organizer, John Florian, founder of VoiceOverExtra, had the bug to produce a big virtual conference – totally online, accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

 “It’s from my magazine publishing background, I guess, and all the big media companies going online that way,” says Florian. ” Plus – heck, it would be “fun” and bring everyone the training and networking advantages of a major conference, all from the comfort of their home and the convenience of their own pace and schedule.”

Last fall he started gathering staff, and today, he couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism and amazing dedication and energy that everyone is pouring into the groundbreaking event. Participants will be treated to three days packed full of activities and presentations from voice coaches, industry pros, agents and casting directors.

Training will focus on specific genres including audiobooks, home studio audio production, voice over business and marketing, and voice acting techniques. Discussions will include “The Future of Voice Over,” “Voice Over: For Women Only” and a “Home Studio Experts Roundtable.” Participants can schedule private online career meetings with agents and casting directors and receive one-on-one demo evaluations, a voice actors most important business tool.

“The 50 plus training sessions help people at all career levels, an interactive exhibit hall is so convenient, and social media – my gosh, that will be tremendous fun. Even though we only recently opened registration, response from attendees and the growing list of exhibitors is very reassuring that Voice Over Virtual is serving a big need,” says Florian.

Voice Over Virtual will be held on September 18th – 20th, 2013. A live online Open House Reception will be presented on September 7th to introduce registrants to the virtual environment, with how-to videos, pre-shows, and games.

Details and registration discounts are available at: www.VoiceOverVirtual.com.

Follow the event on Twitter: @voiceovervirtua



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