September Day LeachA few short weeks ago, the Voice Over New Year’s Resolution contest opened to all voice actors in the online community, giving people the opportunity to submit their resolutions for the new year in exchange for the chance to win some great prizes from Marc Cashman, Julie Williams and including an hour of telecoaching each from Marc and Julie as well as a one-year Premium membership to among other prizes.There were more than three dozen wonderfully creative entries submitted to the Forum, but only one could win.

The winning submission was entered by September Day Leach (pictured above).

She writes:

Dear Judges of the Voice Over New Year’s Resolution Contest,


My name is Maybelle and I am a professional Fairy Godmother. I am writing to you on behalf of one of my charges, September Day Leach.

I understand that your contest has some fabulous prizes in store for the winner and according to this wish I just received, my September sure could use them. You see, she is moving from Atlanta, Georgia all the way across the country to Los Angeles next year, all by herself. She is leaving behind all of her friends and family just to chase her star and she’s called on me for some help. Now, I’ve already taken care of transportation (she was out of pumpkins, but managed to dig up some bok choi which I was able to mold into a Honda) and she’s been a very good girl by avoiding going to the Mall with her seed money from a few choice gigs I was able to get her. But I still think she needs a little something more and having all of this great coaching and exposure timed with her move could really help launch her career.

September assures me, should her wish come true, that:

* she will never, ever, ever plug her microphone directly into her soundcard again
* she will stand up for every recording
* for 2008, all extra money will go to marketing and equipment
* she will stay in touch with her real and internet voice over family while she’s on the West Coast
* she will stay focused on her dreams every day
* she will only stalk Brad Pitt once every two weeks

If you could help, I would be most grateful and would be happy to throw in a few incentives as well. How about making those holiday calories not count? All green lights for one week? We’ll talk.


Maybelle Merriweather, Fairy Godmother


One of the three judges, Marc Cashman prepared a special note to all who entered the contest:

An open letter to all contestants:

I’d like to say to everyone who entered this contest that your submissions were very well thought out, extremely creative and quite inspiring. I want to encourage those of you who plan on taking more voice acting classes.

The best actors never stop learning.

I want to suggest that you don’t make a V-O demo until you’re really ready, and to get help from a pro to make it competitive. I admire you for focusing on your goals and working every day to realize them. And I want remind you that you can email me any questions about the business through or call me any time.

I wish you all much success for a great ’08!

Marc Cashman
Cashman Commercials/L.A.


To learn more about what other voice actors who entered the contest are hoping to achieve in 2008, visit the forum and take a look.

Source: VOX Daily


  1. The nice thing about September’s main resolution (moving to LA) is in the “doing” of it. The joy of a resolution is its accomplishment.

    The ancillary benefit for us all will be watching her succeed.

    Best always,
    – Peter


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