Taige JensenTo say that the video “Voice Talkers : Living the Dream of a Voice Actor” by New York-based comedy troupe POYKPAC struck a chord with the voice acting community would be an understatement.

Little did they know that the brief video “Voice Talkers” featuring Taige Jensen, submitted to YouTube’s Sketchies II contest would turn into one of the most interesting and close-to-home snapshots of families with multiple voice actors.

Professional voice actor Dan Nachtrab remarked, “It’s as if someone put a camera in my house.”, suggesting that the video hit very close to home and the crew from POYKPAC had done a bang-up job presenting the realities of working in the voice over business.

The inspiration for making “Voice Talkers” was close to home as it turned out as well. Lead actor Taige Jensen, who plays the role of Grover Bradshaw, grew up under the wing of his father, Dave Foxx, who just happens to be one of the most recognizable voices on American radio.

When asked how Dave Foxx came to be in the sketch, Taige Jensen replied, “It turns out that Dave Foxx is actually biologically related to me. After discovering he was my father, I think he felt obligated to help us out. And we bought dinner (two large pizzas),”.

During the filming, Dave was a great asset and was extremely generous with his time and facilities.

“He even engineered our ADR session at Z100 with the help of his Neumann and expert VO tips. It was awesome to collaborate with him, and I hope we get the chance to do it again,” Jensen acknowledged.

There were a couple of challenges along the way but the most intimidating aspect of the production was knowing that their voices were going to be back to back with that of an industry legend.

Ryan Hunter, co-writer and director of Voice Talkers, said, “The response has been positive, and we’ve all been really happy about that. Some voice artists have told us that our piece is not far removed from their actual experience, which is really weird. We’ve also gotten a really good reaction from the orthodontic community, and that has probably touched me more than anything.”

The Voice Talkers video is available online via YouTube, at the POYKPAC website, and can also be found on the VOX Daily voice acting blog. Voting opened at YouTube on April 9, 2008.

Source: Voices.com


  1. There are many ways to find one’s “voice” in this business. This sketch’s overall theme hits close to home for many of us voice actors and actresses, and was so well done, I was entertained throughout.
    All the Best,
    Bobbin Beam


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