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Joe J Thomas worked as a computer programmer by day and did theatre at night. When his career as a programmer took an abrupt turn leaving him unemployed, a door opened for Joe to pursue voice acting full-time.
Are you ready to make the leap from simply acting on the side to making voice-over and voice acting something you do professionally?
Hear how Joe got into voice acting full-time and about where he thinks the industry is headed in today’s VOX Daily.

No More Moonlighting

Is it your goal to become a voice actor full-time and leave your day job behind? Sometimes people make this choice on their own and sometimes the choice is made for them. If you’re sitting on the fence, maybe all you need is a little push! This video featuring actor Joe J Thomas discusses Joe’s adventure leaving the corporate world and jumping into voice acting full-time.

Joe J Thomas likes the fact that has always had a very customer-focused business model. Being focused on our customers is a joy for us and we hope that you feel the same way, too!

About Joe J Thomas

Joe J Thomas comes from an unusual combination of “Programmer by Day/Actor by Night.” After nearly 30 years of leading this strange double life, he decided to launch his full-time career in Voice Acting. Drawing on years of Theater and Improv Comedy performance, Joe specializes in Accents, Characters, Impressions, Voice Matching and ADR for Video Games, Cartoons, Commercials, Movies and Corporate productions.

Did You Become a Full-time Voice Actor Unexpectedly?

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  1. I recently took the full-time plunge myself and had a very similar background. I was a software support analyst by day and acted for the stage when I could. My wife and I recently had a child and that was the impetus for me to leave my job, stay home with our boy and focus on the VO career. I was fortunate enough to have built up some steady clients beforehand so it wasn’t exactly a blind leap. So far, it’s been a dream come true!

  2. It’s amazing how similar our paths can be. I too had been working in IT for 16 years as a software developer and database consultant while acting on stage in the evenings and doing improv. In 2001, I jumped out of the frying pan and haven’t been too badly burned since. It was at drama school (aged 34) that I had my first training and recorded my first voice-over samples and it became clear to me that I could make a go of it. Since then, similar to Dan T, I have got married, had a child and become the stay-at-home dad, working around my daughter doing as much marketing and auditioning as possible. I’m not earning what I’d like but it’s getting better each year and I’m about to record an entire series for BBC Worldwide and the Travel Channel. Onwards and upwards!
    Peter Stern


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