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This morning, I had a wonderful visit at a local high school where I spoke to a broadcast technology class about voice overs, showed them around the site and also took some questions about the industry.
Have you ever given some of your time to share about voice overs with the public?
Comment with your experiences!

Giving Back to Your Community

Last year, I spoke at Clarke Road Secondary School in Brent Bissell’s Broadcast Technology class (I blogged about my visit to Clarke Road Secondary here) and this morning, was pleased to return for an encore and talk to more students about voice overs, voice acting and the industry itself.

While there, the students engaged in the morning announcements via live telecast in their production studio, a feed that is piped throughout the school and into each classroom at 9:30 a.m. for approximately 5 minutes, reporting on school news, sports, and much more.
After their newscast, it was then that the discussion turned to voice overs and we ran through the site, answering questions along the way about getting started in voice overs for about 50 minutes.

My stay lasted only 1.5 hours but it was very satisfying to see the class in action and also to join in the conversation they’d already been having about I hope to return next semester and speak to the new class, even take a turn around some scripts if they are so inclined!

Ideas On How You Can Give Back

Here are just a few off the top of my head to get you started:
1. Reading children’s books at a local library
2. Visiting a high school broadcast technology class
3. Taking on an intern or apprentice for a brief period of time at your studio

Have You Done Anything Similar to Give Back to Your Community?

Looking forward to hearing your story!
Best wishes,
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  1. The closest I came was being asked to help judge a final round at a high school debate with kids from around the nation. Since story telling is part of my business and the particular part of the debate had to do with getting the story across effectively and in a believable manner, they invited me onto the panel. Very humbling offer and it was wonderful to watch those kids. What strong confidence and presence they had!

  2. Last week I was contacted to narrate some very short children’s stories, I quoted my usual fee, and the buyer was extremely happy. Half way through the project I discovered that these stories were being put on to CDs to donate to schools for the blind, as part of the ‘BBC Children in Need’ charity drive, which is currently taking place here in the UK. I finished the recordings and sent them free of charge.

  3. Hi Stephanie – My involvement is more in the “larger community” as I have been volunteering as a reader for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic ( for many years and have recorded several hundred hours of audio textbooks. Danny Glover, Ed Asner, Betty White are among the celebrity volunteers.
    It’s incredibly gratifying to read feedback from Blind students who report that they could not have gotten through high school or college without these audiobooks. Talk about a life-changing use of our “talents”.

  4. As often possible, I donate time to reading magazine & news articles to a reader service that broadcasts over a variety of radio stations for the visual or otherwise reading challenged people. I enjoy doing it, and I try to read at a pace/speed where the listener can absorb the facts as they go along, and not have to backtrack because the story got confusing. I try to vary my voice so they don’t fall asleep, while not projecting my feelings about the topic on them. I love it! Feels good to be useful!
    Cheers Steph and all…

  5. Not totally VO related, but I donate my time as a member of my local Rotary club ( As a Family Caregiver & VO, I combined the two parts of my life & produced the PSA for the National Family Caregivers Associaction ( for free.
    It really does feel good to give back.

  6. I recently spoke to a high school V.O. class at OCHSA, the High School of the Arts here in Orange County, CA and the kids were bright and eager to hear about this field. Voice Acting just offers them one additional venue for them to explore as they look at all forms of communication and entertainment.
    Tim K

  7. Giving is addictive. I am part of Julie Williams volunteer group for reading selected stories from the Reader’s Digest. I often through in voice mail system announcements for clients. A couple months ago, I had a chance to spend a couple of hours at High Tech High here in San Diego talking about the business and doing some one-on-one with the students. My involvement with MCA-I as a local and international board member (OK, I was the big cheese for a year – as President) has been ongoing since 1987. I perform in community theater and open my studio to theaters around the county who need a bit of voiceover for a show – the latest was for 1984 – I was the voice of the loudspeaker reminding the protagonist that 2+2=5…as well as assisting in the morning exercises.


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