Want to know who your fans are? Let them know the roles you have performed and you’ll find out!

fans.jpgUnless you have done several interviews, been on TV (on-camera) or hit conventions and conferences, it isn’t likely that your fans know you for who you really are. The majority of voice actors are known solely for the roles they perform, for example, you might have heard a fan say “Did you hear the voice of so-and-so on XYZ cartoon? Weren’t they great?” or “My favorite cartoon character is ABC because I absolutely love their voice”.

One could argue that voice actors tend to keep out of the public eye and live peacefully, leading undisturbed lives in their recording booths. Is it that most voice actors don’t want to be known, or is it more probable to say that they do not consider themselves to be celebrities? With all certainty, this issue spans the entire voice industry including fellow invisible celebrities such as the awesome movie trailer voice, that guys voice on a television commercial, and the voice of the lady in the fourth level of a favorite videogame.

For those of you who can relate to this article and would like to discover your celebrity, consider detailing your roles and projects for which you have performed in your Profile at Voices.com. Once you have added your extended voice acting resume, Google, MSN, and Yahoo! amongst others will send their search engine spiders to your website at Voices.com, indexing your newly written content and create new search results for their customers, leading fans who search for your roles straight to you.

If a fan discovers that you are the voice of their favorite character, website, commercial, videogame or computer game, it will be a matter of great excitement for them and they will spread word about their findings in their respective social circles. This could take the form of bulletin boards, online chat groups, word of mouth advertising for you, blogging, podcasts, voice actor appreciation groups, and more.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear from people who love your work?

You’ll also hear from people who may want to work with you who have already heard your work. By virtue of this, you might not need to audition because they know from previous knowledge that you’d be perfect for the part! Releasing your full acting and voice acting credits to the public will also open more doors of opportunity with the press. You will no longer be just a voice, but a voice who is also a person with a name and a means of being contacted.
Have you discovered your celebrity yet?

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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Voices.com. Classically trained in voice, piano, violin and musical theatre, as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, her podcast Sound Stories serves an audience that wants to achieve excellence in storytelling. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies®.


  1. Stephanie,
    One of the things I like best about being a voiceover performer is the ability to be completely anonymous. At least as far as the general public is concerned.
    Celebrity? No thank you.
    Be well,


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