Britain at War
British voice over artist Mike Cooper was chosen to narrate the televised series “Britain at War,” airing on Military History starting Thursday of this week.
Mike’s voice joins those of veterans who lived through the terrors of World War II, helping to give context and a foundation for interviews featuring many of the people who lived it.
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History Come To Life

Gather round the telly! “Britain at War,” a ten episode series that chronicles key historical events during the Second World War from a British perspective, has its UK Premiere on Military History, Sky Channel 531 on Thursday April 15th, 2010 at 8pm.
In the midst of narration provided by Mike Cooper, poignant stories are shared by World War II veterans throughout the series, including the memories of many veterans who are now frail with age.

Their stories illustrate the horrors of war and capture distinct moments in Britain’s involvement during the Second World War from different perspectives described in intimate detail, making this series one of the most captivating and lasting time capsules of the war and their heroic efforts.

Mike Cooper journeys with viewers back in time to experience history as it unfolded, including the narrative depiction of events such as political change and the rise of Winston Churchill, “The Few” courageous pilots who faced the Luftwaffe as it attacked Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic, situations faced by Britons during blackouts, rationing, the use of air raid shelters, the “Dig for victory” and wartime entertainment as recorded by the newsreels of the day. Other episodes in the series explore El Alamein, the bombing of Germany, the capture of Italy, D-Day, the operation at Arnhem and the campaign in Burma.
This UK Premiere series provides a powerful social, military history of Great Britain during the Second World War and the events that defined a nation and the world.

Britain at War

Britain At War Rubble
Here is a description of each episode in the series. There are 10 in total and each episode is 1 hour in duration.
Episode 1: Road to Dunkirk
Thursday 15th April at 8pm

Britain’s failed attempt to invade Norway led to Chamberlain’s fall and his replacement by Churchill. Then there was Dunkirk, one of the most unusual episodes of the war in which defeat was turned into a victory by a government and media desperate for good news.

Episode 2: Britain Stands Alone
Thursday 22nd April at 8pm

The story of how a handful of pilots, “The Few”, faced the Luftwaffe as it attacked Britain. Share the memories and recollections of the pilots who flew time and again to fight the German bombers and hear about the man that history has somehow forgotten; Keith Park.

Episode 3: Battle of the Atlantic
Thursday 29th April at 8pm

The Convoys of the North Atlantic were vital to Britain’s war effort and the Wolf Pack U-Boats sent to destroy them knew it. This is the story of the men who waged a battle above and below the waves and in freezing and mountainous oceans.

Episode 4: Home Front
Thursday 6th May at 8pm

This episode provides a snapshot of life in Britain during the War we introduce a world of blackouts, rationing, air raid shelters, ‘dig for victory’ and wartime entertainment, all recorded by the newsreels of the day.

Episode 5: El Alamein
Thursday 13th May at 8pm

El Alamein was one of the most significant battles of the Second World War and we tell the story through the eyes of veterans who remember the battle in the desert. It was Montgomery’s finest feat and we explain why it had such an effect on the war.

Episode 6: Bombing Germany
Thursday 20th May at 8pm

The bombing of Germany is an amazing story of courage and sacrifice. We hear from the men who flew in the Lancasters and the Wellingtons. Their memories provide a chilling but fascinating glimpse into a world in which every man depended on each other to get home.

Episode 7: Into Italy
Thursday 27th May at 8pm

The landings at Anzio, the drive north, the fight for Monte Cassino, the fall of Rome; it’s all in this episode charting the capture of Italy. The men who fought the battles have a dramatic story to tell.

Episode 8: D-Day
Thursday 3rd June at 8pm

After years of fighting the time came to invade Europe and we tell the story through rare footage from a German archive. We hear from those who hit beaches, who drove tanks, who fought their way through Europe culminating only when the Allies reached Berlin.

Episode 9: Arnhem
Thursday 10th June at 8pm

This was the operation that was supposed to end the war in 1944. Controversial, costly, it is a story that mixes arrogance and false hope with heroism and self-sacrifice.

Episode 10: Burma
Thursday 17th June at 8pm

The story of the war against the Japanese and the campaign in Burma, an incredible tale of military brilliance combined with intense human suffering, is the backdrop for one of the most powerful episodes of Britain at War.

Interesting Voice Over and Production Facts

๏ The voice over for the television series is different from that of the film
๏ Mike Cooper recorded the voice overs for the televised series at his home studio
๏ This series was produced by Simply Media

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