Albany Ad ClubMarketing yourself as effectively as you could locally?
Learn some hot tips on how to grow your circle of influence and increase your bottom line with tips from Stacey Nooney, Marketing Director / Project Director for Working Pictures in Albany, NY.

Stacey Nooney of Working Pictures, Albany NY co-presented on the topic of “The Organization Advantage” with Warren Garling, Marketing Director at Voice Coaches and White Lake Music & Post, Schenectady, NY.

Opening remarks included the fact that if you are a voice talent, you are also in business for yourself, thus you need to treat your voice over as a real business.
One aspect of maintaining a healthy business is to network and invest in those networking opportunities. A small investment of time and money goes a long way when it comes to sowing seeds for a prosperous career.

As this conference was taking place near Albany, NY, an emphasis was placed on the Albany Ad Club as one of the resources available for networking activities.
Benefits of membership specific to the Albany Ad Club:
• Social Functions
• Networking Opportunities
• Diverse Membership
• Monthly Educational Seminars
• Parties and Holiday Mixers with other like organizations
• Awards / Ability to volunteer

As many ad clubs do, the Albany Ad Club produces a quarterly publication or newsletter that gives you an opportunity to know what others are doing as well as promote your own news and success stories. Tip: Voice Coaches instructs their students to become Ad Club Members. It was reiterated time and time again, and I know we can attest to this as well, that making a small investment of money and time in a business chamber of commerce or club is worth far more than the price you pay and the added value received.

Are you part of an Ad Club? Has it helped you to expand your reach and network of business partners?
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  1. I joined the NYC Ad Club by mistake and couldn’t transfer my membership to Albany… silly me! NYC events were very tempting… looking forward to joining Albany Ad Club this year.
    Talent Voices

  2. Now that’s funny…I can’t believe you posted my blooper for the world to see! Lucky me…in my case you don’t have to to think clearly all of the time to have a good voice…ayyyy? Thanks a bunch! Hey Anthony…I guess this is just more publicity…hmmmm?


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