Are you going to any conferences this year?

We’re right smack dab in the middle of conference season (NAB just wrapped up in Las Vegas) and there are a couple of conferences coming up in the voice over industry.
While there are conferences out there, it’s up to you to decide whether or not they are worth every penny.

Worth Every Penny?

Yesterday, I received a timely email asking what my thoughts were about conference fees for attending events held within our industry.

Measuring Value

The price of conference tickets should be equal to the perceived value of what you are going to receive. From a business point of view, investing several hundred dollars, even for a day, to be in the same room as industry leaders and people you wouldn’t be able to meet with otherwise, network, and learn first-hand from experts renowned in their specialty fields is worth the price of admission. Attending a conference should also recharge your batteries and inspire you for a long period of time once you’ve gone home. That alone could be priceless for someone who needs a little pick me up. These aren’t guidelines for just conferences centered around voice acting but any conference in general.

Justifying Costs

As an aside, it costs money to put a conference on, and part of the fee you pay to attend goes toward costs associated with the venue, food, speakers and any materials that are being provided to you. It isn’t uncommon for a conference to cost $500 or more to attend. Generally conferences that cost several hundred dollars also provide food and drink throughout the day.

Conferences Coming Up

There are a couple of voice acting conferences coming up this year, including one in less than two weeks time in Schenectady, NY called the “Voice Coaches Advanced Marketing Expo and Conference”, a one-day event jam packed with a variety of speakers specific to advanced marketing for voice actors on and off the Internet. Last year, David and I spoke at Voice Coaches and can relay that the crew at puts on a dynamite expo that is catered (always a plus!) and really hits on critical material for professionals. We can’t wait to return this year.

A Perfect Mix of Business and Networking

The one-day event was substantial yet manageable and those traveling from out of town didn’t have to spend a lot of money on hotels.
Attendees are given a great experience and receive top advice from a variety of experts with plenty of time for Q&A and mingling. The presenters and panelists are treated very well which in turn inspires their performances and really gives the people what they came for.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

I can’t speak highly enough of the people at Voice Coaches and think you would enjoy yourself and learn some things you might not have known before.
For instance, this year David and I are lecturing on How to Get the Most out of and Internet Marketing which is always an exciting topic and in a constant state of flux.
Other speakers include Rodney Saulsberry, Billy Serow, Evan Farmer, David Bourgeois and more.

Pick Brains, Digest Information, Have Fun!

While the main purpose of going to a conference is to learn it is also important to realize that it’s also about face time. There is nothing like being in a room with other people who share a common vision, are passionate about what they do and seek excellence.

Want More Info?

To learn more about the Voice Coaches Advanced Marketing Expo and Conference to be held on May 3rd, 2008 in Schenectady, NY, call 1-866-887-2834 ext. 100.
Hope to see you in Schenectady!

Have You Been to Any Conferences?

Share your experiences as comments!
Best wishes,
P.S. If you know you are coming to Voice Coaches, please leave a comment below so that we can meet up!
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