Voice For HireHave you read Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé’s book Voice For Hire?

I had the chance to really dig into this latest book about voice over, and believe you me, it’s different from many I’ve read to date!
Set up with a foreword by the late Don LaFontaine, Thomas and Rofé’s Voice For Hire (Published September 2008) hits a grand slam, knocking the ball right out of the park, serving as a formidable resource that will help the determined open the door to voice over success and stay in the room once they get there.
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Voice For Hire

Right from the opening pages, Voice For Hire sets the stage for how competitive and fulfilling a career in voice acting can be, and according to the great, late Don LaFontaine, proves itself a competent ally to the voice over artist and a practical guide on how to navigate the minefield that is professional voice overs.

Written over the course of six years by Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé, this 176 page book is unique whereby it invites you into the professional lives of not one but two successful voice artists, their complementary yet unique backgrounds, and spoon feeds fascinating, conversational real world expertise by the bowl full to the reader, a style that has the pleasant effect of making Voice For Hire instantly digestible in addition to an excellent means to live vicariously through the experiences of its authors.

Covering everything about voice over including its niches, how to dissect and interpret copy, audio recording technology, and the business both online and off, Voice For Hire truly shines in the areas of commercials, promos and live announce. Character voice acting also was richly addressed for animation and video games. Guest experts, with their names prefixed by “Voice For Hire” provide insights and useful tips to apply to their field of study, including Barry Zate, Patrick Fraley, Mike Pollock, Randy West, Ken Levine, Joe Cipriano, Brian Lee, and commentary from the “Voice Whisperer”, Marice Tobias.

Tips for auditioning are also included from talent such as Don LaFontaine, Mark Avery, Billy Vera, Michael Sheehy, Jennifer Hale and featured anecdotes from numerous others.
Since this is merely a review and I can’t give too much information away, I will now share more of what I personally gleaned in other ways through Randy and Peter’s book.

Get To Know Randy and Peter

I have known both Peter and Randy for a couple of years, and having read their book and listened to the accompanying CD (66 minutes long), I was pleased to discover more about them, their careers and how partnering on this project has enriched their own lives and teaching methods.

For those of you unfamiliar with Randy Thomas, she is the first woman to ever announced at the Oscars (Randy’s announced a record 7 times), the Emmys, and the Tonys, paving the way for other female announcers in the fields of live announce and promos. Randy is the voice of some of the biggest broadcast networks for radio and television, is the voice of Hooked On Phonics, and also has achieved prominence announcing for the TV program Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, dubbed as the most recognized female announcer in America.

Peter Rofé, as I quickly learned, is an amazing character voice artist on top of the astounding commercial voice artist and teacher I already knew he was. This became apparent on the CD (which I must say, differed greatly from the book which was a welcome surprise!) and seemed more “off the cuff” with the professionalism of being produced in a polished workshop environment. I love how Peter takes his background in musical theatre and applies it directly to finding the musicality in a read.

Why Should You Read Voice For Hire?

If there is one reason you should read Voice For Hire, it should be to learn the nitty gritty information that only years of experience can teach you. You know those questions you wanted to ask in a classroom setting but didn’t because you were afraid of looking dumb? Voice For Hire is full of little tidbits that answer those questions without even posing the question, just letting you discover the information on your own in a matter of fact way. You’ll find that important fragments of information are served to you on a silver platter, which is always appreciated.

Also, if you’re at all interested in making a go of promos or live announce, this book is a must read.
You can find out more about the book at VoiceForHireBook.net.

Have You Read Voice For Hire?

Please comment with your thoughts or messages for Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé!
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  1. As someone who is currently launching a career in voice overs, I am awed by the helpful and supportive nature of the industry. I’ve listened to all, (yes, all!) the podcasts from the VoiceOverExperts. As a result, each time a talent shares a bit of advice, it helps me gain better insights about their niche in the market, and the services they offer. Each time I learn from those who have established themselves in the industry, I just want to say thanks for giving back to the rest of us! I’ve read the book reviews, and can only say that I appreciate the time and effort it took the two authors to write a book about their collective wisdom. I look forward to reading this new book, not just because I’m interested in building a career, but most importantly for me, it’s about maintaining a career in VO!
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Linda Ristig

  2. Stephanie –
    I was able to read Voice For Hire this past week , and really loved it. I think your review is right on – and definitely correct about VO talent interested in doing Live Announce and Promo work – this is a great resource!!
    Stu Gray

  3. Thank you for suggesting this title. I left a job after 25 years on my terms and I am now pursuing dreams that I refuse to let stay buried inside of me. I’ve always been told that I have a great voice. Along with pursuing a career in voice-overs and broadcasting, I’m going to see what happens, no “I’m going to make what I want….happen.” Also, thanks for the valuable information you provide through Vox Daily.

  4. There are so few books on the market about Voice Overs, it will be wonderful to have one that sounds as full of knowledge as this one promises. I can’t wait to get my copy!

  5. Just completed a class with Katherine Ryan, a top Buchwald VO agent, and realized that in spite of my experience in the VO world, there are more mountains I have yet to climb. Any help in the journey is more than welcomed! I hope I win a copy of the book and I am hungry to learn more!
    Debbie Irwin

  6. Happy to see a great book out there from people who are actually doing it!! Now all my Facebook friends and acting colleagues will know because I’ve shared this review with them!!
    Thank you so much for providing insight on how to hone our craft and skills!

  7. Thanks so much for your review. I can’t wait to read this book. I’ve been struck time and again by how generous the people in this industry are. There are so many who are eager to share all that they have learned toward the promotion of the careers of others.
    And, as you said in your review, I can’t wait to read the answers to all those questions I have but have been too shy to ask!
    Susan Shaman

  8. Stephanie,
    In my still short sojourn into the VO business, I’m still amazed at the generosity of the participants in this field to share their paths to success and even “trade secrets” with us novices.
    I’m eager to read what these two “rock stars” have to share.
    Please put my name in the hopper to win this book and thanks for these wonderful giveaways.

  9. Hi Stephanie: Thanks again for some great information! This book by two very successful voiceover artists sounds like the epitome of help to all of us in the industry. The volume of knowledge appears to be very indepth and provides us with most of the answers to questions that we have all been wondering about for years. As a somewhat new individual in this business with some experience, I know that there is a lot I don’t know about it all. I think that this new book is a definite must read!! Please add my name as a hopeful winner to this thoughtful work. Carol M. Hahn

  10. Stephanie, I would very much like to receive a copy of “Voice for Hire”. Whether you are a newbie (such as I) or one with year’s of experience. There is always something more to learn about voice over. I don’t know if there is any part of the industry that shares it’s knowledge and offers to help all of us such as voice over artists do. I appreciate each and every way we can help each other. I have not read this book, but I know that if I did, it would be of immense help in developing my career. Thank each and every one of you for sharing.

  11. I read the review and would dearly Love to read this book, as well as listen to the accompanying cd!
    Today is my birthday, and if I could I’d jump up and down with my hand up saying “pick me, pick me!”.
    Whether that happens or not, thank you to the Voices staff for presenting information and opportunities like this.
    Hopefully, I’ll be able to read from cover to cover, soon.

  12. I already have a book, so no need to enter me in the drawing, but I highly recommend it. It’s a great read, very informative, engaging and definitely one to add to your library. It’s wonderful to read for the novice and pro!

  13. I am still relatively new to the voice over world and I am soaking up all of the knowledge and expertise from other professionals that I can. This book sounds like a “must read”
    Paul Hernandez

  14. I wish I had seen this like a week ago. Because that’s when I bought this book. I haven’t read it yet, but with all the positive feedback I am hearing, I can’t wait to dive into it. 🙂

  15. I was a voice professional with experiences within AC and Talk Radio as well as minor VO experiences. I have tried to gain some insight to the voice over career with little luck.
    I feel that this book is a god-send. Where was this when I was looking to break into the business. Looks like I’m going to have to give another shot at it. Thanks Randy and Peter.

  16. Thanks for the article. I was impressed and very interested as I am a newbie in commercial VO’s.
    I went to Barnes and Noble Sunday and ordered it. Will be in 3 or 4 days.
    Al Reminmgton, Golden Thread Vocals

  17. I’m new to the business and trying to learn everything I can about how to LAUNCH myself in the right direction, especially in the competitive market of NYC. And let me tell ya, you don’t have to be a veteran to know the names Randy Thomas and Peter Rofe! Are you kidding? So I’d LOVE to read this book and absorb any info those two experts have to say. Thanks for your insightful review of their book, it definitely sounds like something from which we can all benefit…green or seasoned!

  18. Just finished James Alburger’s “The Art of Voice Acting” which was awesome and I’m always hungry to learn more. It’s the easy to read books which in my opinion have the most impact. Besides, in this biz, if you are not voicing, you better be practicing and continously learning and honing your craft. Lastly, if you walk away with at least 1 “new” idea, technique, experience, tip or bit of advice…..then it’s all worth it!
    Best of luck to everyone!!

  19. This looks like a great book on the industry, and I’m looking forward to reading it. Hopefully I can get my copy free from Voices.com!


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