Successful happy businesspeopleWhat kind of voice over work have you been doing lately?

I’m curious to find out what types of voice over you have been hired to record since January of this year through the end of March 2010.
Leave a comment with the kind of work you’ve done as well as your favorite voice over job of this quarter here on VOX Daily.

What Kind of Voice Over Work Have You Been Booking?

Every so often, I like to ask what you have been up to in your recording studio. Whether you got the gig on your own, through the voice over marketplace or via an agent, now is the time to celebrate your achievements!
You’re welcome to mention which specific jobs you’ve recorded (so long as there isn’t a Non-Disclosure agreement!) or share other non-specific details such as the mediums and or industries you’ve been recording for.

Here’s a list that you may find useful when commenting. All you need to do is copy and paste the areas that apply to you booking wise over the last few months and join the conversation!
๏ Television
๏ Radio
๏ Business
๏ Telephone
๏ Podcasting
๏ Internet
๏ Documentaries
๏ Movie Trailers
๏ Cartoons
๏ Videogames
๏ Audiobooks
๏ Educational
๏ Jingles
๏ Music
Looking forward to hearing from you… and congratulations!
Best wishes,
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  1. My first quarter has been really varied in type (ad work, web audio, tutorials, cartoons, phone, and ‘performance enhancers’ – i.e. audio to enhance live performance routines), but they all have a little in common: they have more CHARACTER! By that, I mean it seems that most clients, even for business audios, are looking for a little more pizazz for 2010. They’re ‘loosening up’ and getting more conversational, which means more FUN for me, even for what used to be ‘dry’ stuff!

  2. I actually just booked two jobs. One was from here (I Heart you guys) to do a teen in an educational product and the other is a character for a kid’s toy that sits on door steps during Halloween!
    Thanks for the post and the encouragement!

  3. Three gigs come to mind as the most fun:
    ๏ Radio-Was asked to sing-in character-on jingle for the Florida Renaissance Fair. Actually multiple characters. Loved it!
    ๏ Cartoons-cast as Hammy the Squirrel in new Over the Hedge shorts. I get to be really hyper and distracted easily, as you might expect from a squirrel! You can see the cartoons at
    ๏ Videogames-A Wiiware game called ‘Rage of the Gladiator.’ I voice the Hero/narrator. Booked it thru!

  4. I’ve been doing a lot of animations and children’s narrations lately. I just joined the cast of an indie animation due out next year, working on a narration for a children’s audio book and another CGI animation.

  5. From January to date (29th March 2010) I have done exactly 100 sessions, not jobs but sessions, as there may have been more than one job in a session. The jobs have included, TV promos, TV commercials, TV documentaries, corporates, radio commercials, a movie trailer …just the one, radio promos and imaging, video game and some elearning/educational.
    The movie trailer (just a commercial but with another name) was for George Clooney “Up in the air”. high profile Tv ads include one for BUPA broadcast during the Superbowl, TV promo clients include CNBC, HBO and Horror (mmm wonder what they show?)

  6. Product demo VO for Panasonic…Local company used my kitchen, kids and me for on-camera spot and I did the VO…web narration for a financial services / lifestyle firm in CA…and recorded my very first audiobook, arranged directly with the print publisher and soon to be available via This is why I love VO: working locally and nationally, encountering a wide variety of topics and clients.

  7. Interesting mix for me in the first quarter of ’10.
    A run of Commercials for two hospitals, and repeats for both. Presentations for an e-learning company.
    Also a major computer company, a Canadian business presentation, and one for a major pharmaceutical company. A Very time consuming presentation for a University medical study and Imaging for Yankees radio broadcasts. Business picked up in last year’s second quarter and has continued through the first quarter this year.

  8. Voice over for Tour Company website, Narration of an educational film. Both were private invitations.
    So the score is: open auditions:500 Jobs:1
    Private invitations:6 Jobs:4
    Randy Anderson

  9. From Jan-Mar it’s been fare.
    over 70 furniture and appliance radio commercials 8 of which are regional
    30 episodes of “Hey Get Off My Lawn” for radio stations.
    14 Car Spots for Dealers
    1 political spot
    1 national telephone spot
    3 character voice freebies for animation students.
    I guess the stuff that was the most fun was the syndicated radio show. Recently we’ve moved in to doing short interviews with the Famous and not so Famous and giving them a shot at who they want off their lawn. So all in all a medium 3 months.

  10. Howdy!
    I’ve actually been kind of busy. Last year I signed with my first agent and have since gotten some nice gigs. I did radio commercials for Chinette Comfort Cups and Lemonheads Candy….I have been hired to produce an audiobook “Life Of A Martyr, Saint Theophane Venard” (that’s a tough one because there are SOME French and Latin words!)…I also have a roster of “regular”, monthly customers including an ON-HOLD firm and a furniture store. My agent has even gotten me some modeling and on camera roles!
    Mike Austin

  11. My business is thriving locally, though most of my recordings, curiously enough, are for export: commercials, radios, documentaries, trailers, business & audiobooks.

  12. Happy to report it’s been a great quarter so far!
    I’ve been voicing lots of TV commercials for Jennifer Convertibles, I’ve recorded many different eLearning projects (How to Sell Stocks, The Basics of Selling Anything, Compliance Training), Corporate Videos, one of which is for North Shore LIJ and will play in the Health Kiosk of CitiFields, the new Mets Stadium in NYC, political webspots, and more. Coming up are a series of kids books in English and Spanish and a Documentary where I will play the role of the wife of a famous (now deceased) German architect.
    I feel blessed! Plus, there is enough work in this business for everyone…. Looking forward to reading about other people’s successes!

  13. Hi Stephanie,
    It’s been a tremendous quarter as I’ve been blessed with a variety of multi-hour gigs including narrating an 8 course technical sales training series, appearing in a couple of TV spots for a bank and insurance company , recording a college textbook on effective writing, voiced a national sales meeting kickoff video, and am about to start tomorrow on a 5 hour medical research narration project.
    These opportunities have come from a mix of sources including production studios, , personal marketing /networking and casting agent referrals.

  14. Hi Stephanie,
    Amazingly, my best 1st quarter ever in 22 years of self-employment!
    That due to audio books (my new-found passion) and online training for CitiMortgage (my bread and butter). Also got two new clients who may have found my web site (yeah!) and booked me.
    Thanks for asking. We appreciate all you do for us.

  15. Hi Stephanie—-First quarter:–2 tv30’s for Cable Co. in Las Vegas, tv30 for Candidate for Gov. of Tennessee and Radio act VO for Jewish Federation. My favorite thing always is auditioning, booking and being paid.
    Love to you and yours!
    Del Roy aka Methuselah

  16. Hi Stephanie,
    I appreciate your outlook, support, and helpful tips throughout these Vox Dailies.
    Just recently I was awarded a job for a fictional audiobook along with my dad, Paul Hernandez. Though we have not started the project yet, I am excited to begin.
    Other than that, I will continue plugging away, persistently searching for new opportunities!
    Have a great day,
    Jared Hernandez

  17. Hey guys! I thought it was a little slow but in retrospect,the market treated me well with some very quality jobs.Here are a few of them: Textron (RI), Supa Strikas (S.Africa), Dustin Adair-HUGE animator CSI,Terminator,Battlestar Gallactica-character work for a BIG project (LA),Character voice for Evil Junior game (2010 winner of Norwegian Game Awards)-Denmark,Kaamos Sound-web voice (Finland),Plasma Beam-web voice (Australia), Character voices-Camel 101 (CA),Character voices for Legacy of the Confederation- Elye Sackmary (TX), WFN Strategies-narration (VA), Dominic Crane’s Dreamscape Mystery-character voices (Russia). This is going to be a great year-I can feel it!


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