Voice Over Experts 100th EpisodeDid you know that the Voice Over Experts podcast is about to reach a centennial milestone?

For 2 years now, you’ve been able to hear pearls of wisdom from top voice over educators around the world, learning from the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.
To mark this occasion we want to do something special and are inviting you to take part.
Want to learn more about this opportunity? Read on!


To make the one hundredth episode of Voice Over Experts unique and meaningful for our community, we’re inviting you to share your audio feedback to be included in the centennial episode! This simple gesture, or act of kindness, will let the Voice Over Experts faculty know what their work and podcasts mean to you.

You’re Cordially Invited to Help Celebrate. Here’s How:

I’ve jotted down some topics for your consideration if you want to participate in the 100th episode of Voice Over Experts, and if you see one or two that resonate with you, go for it!

Some ideas to consider:
๏ Why do you subscribe to Voice Over Experts?
๏ How has the podcast has made a difference in your life and career?
๏ How have members of the podcast faculty inspired you?
๏ Which episode or nugget of wisdom has had the biggest impact on you?
๏ What does Voice Over Experts mean to you?
๏ How does the podcast factor into your schedule?
๏ Have you discovered new teachers through the show?
๏ Do you refer the podcast to others?
๏ How has Voice Over Experts broadened your horizons?

How To Participate:

To ensure that your audio feedback is featured on the 100th episode of Voice Over Experts, send your MP3 to stephanie@voices.com by August 21st, 2009. The episode will go live shortly after that date.
When sending your email to me, use the subject line, “My Story for the 100th Episode of Voice Over Experts” and I’ll know right away that it is to be included in the show.

Name your MP3 contribution as follows:
This is an excellent opportunity to express gratitude to the experts on the faculty and share your thoughts with them.
These amazing people give freely of their time, talent, and expertise endowing all of us with access to knowledge and information about voice acting that you won’t find anywhere else.

Will You Help Us to Celebrate Voice Over Experts?

Looking forward to “hearing” from you!
Best wishes,


  1. I am just getting started as a voice over talent and I can’t thank you all enough for all the expert information you send my way. May God bless you all abundantly!

  2. I have Every Episode on my iPod. This is critical, fun, educational stuff for EVERY VO actor. Thanks Stephanie for such a great resource to our industry!


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