Here we sit on the edge of 2010 looking into the bright future that 2011 holds for us all.

Before we step into the new year, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the good we’ve experienced and the blessings that have come our way.
What was your favourite voice over job this year?
Add yours as a comment now!

Meaningful Work

Being able to do what you are gifted at is very fulfilling. When you get paid to do it, it’s one of the most wonderful gifts you can receive!
Ponder a moment now and think about some key projects you were privileged to work on this year. Which ones stand out? Why do they stand out?
Sometimes it isn’t the jobs that earn the most money that touch the deepest and have the most profound affect on others.

If you’ve got one in mind, consider writing a thank you note to the client or person you worked with on the project to let them know just how much you appreciated the experience.

What Was Your Most Meaningful Project Of This Year?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Happy New Year 🙂


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    This marks five years of voiceover work for myself and my highlight of the year was starting long-term work as the voice of training materials for NAPA Auto Parts dealers in North America. Our completed PowerPoint presentations go to their head office in Atlanta.
    Eight modules were completed this year and my estimate is sixteen more in 2011. This came about as a word of mouth referral with a couple of other companies here in Kelowna, BC.
    Continued success to ALL voice talents in 2011!
    Ralph Hass
    – Heard weekly on the “Thurman Thomas TV Show” for the Buffalo Bills
    – MSG-TV imaging voice for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres (2006 – 2009)
    – SHAW-TV imaging voice for the WHL

  2. My favorite voice over job of 2010 has to be a VERY low budget job that I was offered way back in January. The job was a small mobile app for a children’s learning product and the client was based in Isreal. I delivered the finished recordings and the customer was delighted. Since January, that same customer has come back to me on nine occasions for nine further apps, all quite low budget, but wonderfully entertaining to work on. The idea that my voice is teaching children to speak English the world over, is worth much more than money.

  3. Doing a political spot in a fellow voice actor’s studio… an under-the-stairs arrangement hidden behind a bookcase … yup, that was fun….

  4. He’s in great health for many years, hopefully, but it was an honor to voice the story of Jimmy Carter’s life which will be heard at his Presidential Library.

  5. I was asked to voice a testimonial of a 9-11 survivor for an historical compilation of the event — quite moving, and inspiring.

  6. I recently voiced part of an “SOS Children’s Villages” promotional video featuring Mike Holmes of “Holmes on Homes.”

  7. …hard to pick just one–My most memorable job would have to be the one where I needed help with the production and John Taylor sailed in to rescue me from my own antiquated recording skills–securing the job, cementing our friendship and teaching valuable, usable techniques…

  8. My favorite gig of the year arrived in December, a lovely animated film where I portray the elderly Queen Elizabeth I.
    ‘Withering Rose’ is from a talented animator making his first film, and I was thrilled to contribute to a truly artful project.
    Sometimes a little piece of magic drops into the studio.

  9. The most fun I had doing a voiceover this year was definitely a video for FunnyOrDie in which I was playing a newscaster commentating on the Chilean Miners rescue, only to discover they had turned into zombies and were eating their rescue worker. Fun!

  10. Not technically a voice over job but certainly my favourite, between 4pm and 6pm on Christmas Eve I was on BBC radio Northampton doing a live phone in. There was a presenter, kids calling in and me at the end of the ISDN line playing the part of Santa Claus, truly a magical experience. No fee but that really didn’t matter.

  11. Each year for me thus far has been more rewarding than the last and I hope for the same to all of our community! My favorite project of 2010 was becoming the new “voice” of Lewis Clark State College’s in Idaho.
    It was for a new client and has been a really great experience as there have been several tv/radio spots to date.

  12. I haven’t done much in the way of official voiceover work, but I did a few fandubs, flash movies, and audio plays that I’m pretty proud of. ^-^

  13. It was Jack and the Beanstalk – write and perform, a assignment. I wasn’t exactly sure of the end-use, and stumbled upon it later in the year in a press video of a Microsoft Internet Explorer launch in San Francisco. Screen about 20 feet wide, my voice about 3 metres tall! Big feel-good there, and best of all the producer was nice enough to post feedback. Those beans were magic!
    Howard Ellison (Devon UK)

  14. I did one for a texting and driving spot, I had fun with the multiple voices and sound effects. Though it is a serious matter.

  15. I had a VO class and loved every minute and signed up for your newsletter to get tips. Thank You. I have yet to get ‘serious’ though. I guess I’m thinking a little too much about how to do it ‘right’. I’ll try and get ‘serious’ this year!! I want to be a kid voice. 🙂

  16. I wanted to get more involved in my community so I auditioned for a local play production of “The Wiz” by Ivory Arts, Inc. After embarrassing myself with the singing portion of my audition the director, Mr. Terrance Ivory, offered to cast me as the live VO announcer for each show and to introduce the cast at the end. Luckily my speaking voice is more impressive than my singing! “There’s no place like home (and the comfort zone off stage behind the mic).” With this exposure, I landed two other paid projects doing some local radio spots. Merry Christmas to me!

  17. I was proud to write the scripts and produce a number of PSA’s for Blue Star Mothers, a non-profit organization that provides a helping hand to family members who have loved ones serving in the military. My time was donated to a great cause.

  18. Radio spot for Global Aids Foundation. Also, watching my 10 year old son audition for a child v/o gig and landing his first job for a children’s iPhone app. I was one proud mama!

  19. This was a really busy year for me, but my favorite project of the year was a training video for Pepsico. The script was light, with some lines I could play with and the finished video was awesome.

  20. I have to say that becoming the new iPhone Tooth Fairy is probably my favorite project of 2010. It will be released in February 2011. Having the opportunity to share the magic with so many children is an incredible feeling and it has certainly made me think about looking for similar projects in 2011.
    Deborah Brisacher

  21. So far 2010 was my busiest year doing VO’s (thank God!)
    I did two projects that I consider my favorites, the Spanish Audio guide for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, I just like the VO’s where I learn while I work. And the last one I did was a part for a documentary that’s going to air on April, on National Geographic worldwide (wohoo!), called Lost Fleet of Columbus. I did a couple of lines for Columbus in English with Spanish accent. Can’t wait to see it!
    I wish you all a Happy New Year full of work!!


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