Voice Over MarketplacesWhat is a voice over marketplace?
How have voice over marketplaces impacted the voice over industry and what does the future hold?
As more and more people take their businesses online, the paradigm is shifting from traditional offline scouting to online recruiting.

A voice over marketplace is a location, typically based online, where voice actors can feature their voices and audition for job opportunities to acquire voice over work.

Merriam-Webster.com defines “marketplace” as:
1 a : an open square or place in a town where markets or public sales are held b : MARKET
2 : the world of trade or economic activity : the everyday world
3 : a sphere in which intangible values compete for acceptance or the marketplace of ideas

As the term “marketplace” implies, portals that perform this function connect buyers and sellers, for the purposes of this article, buyers and sellers of voice over services. Voice over marketplaces serve both the buyer and seller, and in some instances, facilitate communications and or transactions between the two. By virtue of the fact that a voice over marketplace consolidates both talent and job opportunities, it is an integral part of any voice actors marketing efforts as well as the most convenient and effective source for clients to find voice actors and buy their services.

For those who discover this method of recruiting nowadays, it seems very commonplace as if it’s ‘always been’ this way. For many people who have lived longer on this earth, they know that there was a more complicated way in a simpler time when things were done according to the corporate whims of large agencies that controlled the majority of all voice over work and voice over talents. Anyone who can remember recording with analog technology, splicing tapes together, recording sessions with your peers, and auditions recorded in person at recording studios and agencies can relate to what I’ve qualified in the statement above.

During those days there was a specific way things were done with few alternatives to the status quo. You were either in the union or you didn’t get work. You had an agent or you didn’t work in the biz. You had the Voice of God as an announcer or you had nothing at all. As a female working in the field, making a living was extremely challenging to say the least.

With sweeping changes in technology, the mindset of the public, and methods for acquiring voice over services, the world of voice over has realized that there is a job for every voice type, not just for a certain kind of voice or limited to a select clique of players.

While there are still people who clearly dominate their particular niches in voice over, technologies such as the Internet, more affordable audio recording equipment and accessible educational voice over information through online channels has broadened the horizon considerably, turning a boys club into a marketplace.
Here we find ourselves in the year 2007, post 90s Bubble-Burst in a new world of Web 2.0, an era that some refer to as the second coming (or second generation) of the World Wide Web.

Voice over marketplaces have made searching for, auditioning, and hiring voice actors easy and direct, streamlining the entire recruitment process by presenting a variety of the world’s finest freelance talent in one central location online.
Barriers once put in place by limited technology or bureaucracies have crumbled. Globalization has also figured prominently in the paradigm shift regarding voice overs and how they are recorded, delivered, payed for and used.

International business is done on a daily basis through voice over marketplaces, most people preferring to use the US Dollar as their global currency of choice.
The voice over marketplace has increased the visibility of professional voice actors and in turn has made it hassle free to work with the right voice for a project.
How have voice over marketplaces affected you and your business?
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