Talking BearWhile the holiday season is still upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce a new column on VOX Daily that I hope will do more to encourage generosity the whole year round as well as recognize people for their work.

This new column will also do much to promote the use of voice overs and help to increase sales of products that include voice acting.
Want to know more?

It All Started With A Gift

This Christmas, while opening some presents, two of our children received audiobooks, one of which happened to be narrated by someone I know. I always check for credits on cartoons, movies, audiobooks and the like to find out who recorded the voice over, and this time I was pleasantly surprised to see Don Wescott’s name listed as the reader for Curious George!
After some consideration and discussion, I arrived at the decision that a new column should be added to the VOX Daily blog, called “Reviews”, where reviews of any voice over product may be filed.

Why Add Reviews?

My intention through this weekly column is to provide the voice over community with a good place to hear about what their peers are up to, a vehicle to promote great products that use voice over, and also a way to recognize voice over professionals and the companies they worked with. There are many products that I’ll be reviewing here on VOX Daily that are waiting in the wings, including a review of the Curious George read-along audiobook I mentioned earlier featuring Don Wescott.

This is just a small way that I can help to shine more light on the good work that is being done and I’d like nothing more than to share the stage with as many people and their work as possible.

How Will This Work?

That said, if your voice is being used in a commercial product such as a talking toy, an audiobook, animated film, or documentary the invitation is open to you, should you choose, to send a package to me including the product to be showcased on the blog in a future review that will include a link to where the product may be purchased as well as a link to the voice artist’s website.

The products, once reviewed, will be donated on your behalf by to a deserving charity that could put the gift to good use or to a public library.
Just to be clear, I am not relying solely upon people to send in items.
I will be reviewing products that are in my possession, borrowed items from libraries, and may also review items belonging to others, all of which must indicate the name(s) of the voice artist(s) who recorded the voice overs.

Raising Awareness and Giving Credit Where it is Due

Knowing who recorded the voice overs is key as one of the main objectives, aside from raising awareness for voice acting and products that use voice over, is also to shine the spotlight on voice artists and their performances.
Donated items sent in for review, while not expected but certainly appreciated, will be quite helpful when it comes to fulfilling my objective of giving the voice artist responsible public recognition.

If You’d Like To Donate An Item For Review, Mail To:

Attention Stephanie Ciccarelli
VOX Daily Reviews
130-100 Collip Circle
London, Ontario Canada
N6G 4X8

Thank you!

Best wishes,


  1. Great idea!
    I will try to get you a copy of my narrating “The Boxcar Kids and the Basketball Mystery” which might be of interest.
    Don Wescott is a name from the past. Now semiretired in Western ,MA , Don was a voice we used “back in the day” with Honeywell Education’s learner- paced audio courses.
    A very happy 2009 to you and your family!

  2. Great idea Stephanie!
    If anyone has done voice over for Playstation or Nintendo Wii games they’d like Stephanie to review, I am more than happy to help out by bringing over my Wii or PS3 to her home (along with my gamer fiance)!


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