New York University BannerVoiceover: Beyond the Booth”, formerly called “The Business of Voiceover” is now open for enrollment at NYU for Spring 2008. The first class begins Wednesday, February 13th at 6:45 p.m. and runs through May 7th.

Frequented by special guests including top agents, voiceover talent, casting directors and producers, “Voiceover: Beyond the Booth” helps people who have a burning desire for voice acting find out what it takes to succeed in the business and brings them more than one step closer to making their dreams of voice acting professionally a reality.

Participants also have the opportunity to address their questions to the people who make this industry tick. A benefit unique to Voiceover : Beyond the Booth is that students will have the chance to read voiceover copy for A-list industry professionals and get an insider’s perspective and feedback about their skill level, a privilege that no other course available offers with regard to the business of voiceovers.


The course is offered as a part of the New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, taught by a leading professional in the voiceover field with almost 2 decades of experience as both a top voiceover agent and a voiceover industry consultant who has started and cultivated the careers of some of the most prominent voiceover artists working today.

Beyond the Booth Guests have included:

The Legendary Don LaFontaine – Voice of over 5000 Movie Trailers
Rodd Houston – Voice of Verizon Wireless
Joan Baker – Author “Secrets of Voiceover Success”
Bill Graves – Voice of ABC’s Nightline and Primetime
Tim Champeaux –Voice of Jenny Craig, Today Show Concert Series
Jim Kozloff – Director of Talent and Business Development at VH-1
Stewart F. Wilson Turner – Co-Creator of
Voiceover Agents from Don Buchwald & Associates, Abrams Artists, Paradigm and Innovative Artists
Producers from Miramax Films, ESPN, BET, HBO, NBC Sports

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For more information, contact:

Johnna Gottlieb


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