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Time To Give Thanks

Brian Haymond has much to be grateful for this year, including sharing in a recently awarded accolade that included his voice over narration in a Samaritan’s Purse commercial / PSA that garnered a National Religious Broadcasters Media Award.
Although the award is worth writing about, the real story here is about how Brian Haymond’s association with the organization and joyful parenting with his wife have inspired the Haymond daughters to give back to those in need using their voiceover talent.

Voice Acting Gene Runs in the Haymond Family

Brian Haymond’s daughters, Olivia (11) and Samantha (8) both do voiceover when they can through auditions on exclusively, also gaining work through offline efforts. Olivia just finished doing some voiceover for The Boy Scouts of America and Samantha has been doing a campaign for Bojangle’s Chicken and Biscuits, a job she landed on
Both Olivia and Samantha have found ways to use their gifts and work alongside their father on a number of projects. They also pay attention to his solo endeavors, including Brian’s voice over work for Samaritan’s Purse.

Brian Haymond has a long history with Samaritan’s Purse having narrated promotional videos for their yearly campaign “Operation Christmas Child”, a charitable drive that encourages children to give gifts to children in need such as school supplies, winter apparel including mittens, hats, socks, even toothbrushes and toys, neatly packaged in a brightly decorated, festive shoe box to be received at Christmas.

Haymond shared, “Some of the money my girls made from their voice over work was donated to Operation Christmas Child. The instructions ask that those donating goods consider adding $7 per box to help cover processing and so on. Both of my girls took some of the money they made doing voiceover and put $7 in each of the 6 boxes!! So, with the help of, we are teaching the girls about good work ethic and giving to others in need! PRICELESS!!”

Do Your Kids Also Do Voice Overs?

Leave a comment and let me know what they’ve been up to!
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  1. Stephanie,
    Thank you for this post about Brian and his two girls! The talent pool runs deep with that family! How wonderful to hear that they also give back, though I’m not surprised.
    Congratulations on the award Brian!

  2. My son was cast on a Pamper’s Spot with me when he was five. He did awesome! He did a number of voice and on camera gigs back then, but not since then. Kids are natural when they are young. But as he got older, he stopped being willing to take direction from “mom” because as his mother, “I didn’t know anything.” That pretty much halted his career! We ALL, even kids, need to be willing and able to take direction if we want to succeed! 🙂
    Julie Williams
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