Female voiceover talent with microphoneVoiceover, in essence, is voice acting!

Acting, while using only your voice to convey the meaning of a performance, is one of the most challenging professions in the arts.
What have you put your heart, soul and voice artistry into this month?

Comment with your gigs!

Looking forward to hearing what kind of voiceover work has gone on during the passed month.


  1. Hey Stephanie – I just finished a promotional video narration for Pinnacle Productions in Richmond, KY. Pinnacle works mostly with non-profit and public support organizations. Great people to work with!

  2. Here are my latest video game projects, all out now on Xbox 360…..
    “STAR OCEAN: THE LAST HOPE” (Arumat, Crow)
    “WATCHMEN: THE END IS NIGH” (various)

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    This week I was hired to voice for Biola University’s 25th Anniversary of their “School of Intercultural Studies”. The client was a great guy, the script was super-well written and interesting; the whole project was a blast!

  4. Finally finished the “Kama Sutra” for Typecast Audiobooks. Currently working on “The Perfumed Garden” and “Ananga-Ranga.” (I’m the voice of their “Sacred Erotica” division!)
    Recorded over a dozen TV/radio spots for SunGro Horticulture (putting that Agro degree to use!), and launched a TV campaign for FreshPair (“Why go to the store, when you can buy underwear…in your underwear?”)

  5. I just voiced the phone system for Aegis Wealth Group – one of the few Wealth Management companies whose clients didn’t lose money last year.
    To hear my voice (or invest your vo earnings!) you can call them at 877-545-8706.

  6. Hi Stephanie, one video narration down and several more to go for the Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago. The name may sound a bit weird to some, but they are GREAT clients to work with and pay very promptly. This was a direct invitation.
    Gregory Best

  7. Hi, Recording large e-learning projects for companies in India and Japan. And quite a lot of voicemail, ivr work this month. Also a lot of voiceblast phone work.

  8. Robert Jadah and I recently added a humorous podcast at http://www.actingitout.com, featuring notable Brit voice actor Rajiv Hasan as well as a few student actors.
    I have just finished recording the audiobook “Book of Business: A Novel of the Law”, a wonderful first novel by Will Nathan, in the style of Scott Turow.
    Truly blessed with creative work this month, and fine people to work with!

  9. Well, if you insist!
    Narrated the English audio guide for the biggest Gustav Klimt art exhibition in Asia, running through May 15th at the Seoul Arts Center in Korea. I recorded it last month, but I just went to the exhibit and heard myself yesterday, so I’m all excited about it again 🙂
    This past week brought some audio accompaniments for textbooks and presentations for LG and Johnson & Johnson. Even when I’m sitting through three hours of nothing but three thousand vocabulary words, the thought that there’s nothing I’d rather be doing to support myself keeps me happily trucking along! 😀

  10. Completed work on my second iPhone game.Finally got some video clips of Mob Ties-Tokyo where I play ex mob boss Mr.Ishikawa-now that was fun! Very close to having 10-15 characters for speaking avatars on a site that is going to be a blast-can’t release the name yet but when I get the green light, I will. Learn English with Real Stories of Animals by Bestsellers Publishing in Madrid continue to come in as well.I’m so grateful for everyone’s support and especially Lin-what an asset to Voices.com!

  11. Kool… been a roller coaster of a week for me!
    Voiced a camel for the cartoon “Vipo The Flying Dog”
    … and a character in a TBA game from EA.
    Plus, I got a Jury Duty notice! (oh… wait… that’s not a gig 😉

  12. I got to utilize “Mid-Atlantic” speech for a client in Dublin, Ireland on a European business project to “Facilitate Trade.”
    Did some radio spots for “U.S. Loan Assistance,” “Iowa Property Owners” and “Cleary University” in Michigan.
    Phone messaging for “Babblebug”
    And the first line of “Hippa Hippo” for “Vipo the Flying Dog”….(She’s an opera singing ballerina who’s soon to take up martial arts)—all great fun, but the Hippa session reminded me once again It’s Vital to Relax my vocal cords when I’m called upon to produce exceptionally low, round sounds!
    I Love my life!

  13. Hi Stephanie!
    Since “Breathing Life into Your Words” is my slogan, I guess I need to at least respond!
    I just did an update for the European Union’s website and digital business card that people hand out when they are doing business in the United States.
    I also did the monthly updates for University of California’s UCTV promos – go to http://www.youtube.com/uctv to hear what is on this month!
    And a couple of phone systems.
    Have fun!
    Marti Krane

  14. Wow, it looks like a lot of VO folks have been busy lately!!
    I had a paid Voice-Over job come to me from someone who has been listening to my LOSTcasting podcast. He (http://MisterPayne.com) hired me to record a :60 commercial/promo giving details of his updated website, and his series of podcasts!

  15. It’s been a great week…
    Voices another infomercial, it’s about my 15th or so, so far (I lost track!) Also did a phone system, a narration, two political spots (for a mayoral candidate in Anchroage) and one job that I landed through voices.com, but am not allowed to talk about yet!
    The Los Angeles studio is talking to the NYC ad agency to try to get us allowed to talk about it. When I can, it’ll likely be using their wording. But let’s just say, it’s a type of job I’ve never done before. And I really really want to tell everyone so you can watch it! 🙂
    Thanks voices.com for a great job!
    PS Sign up for the FREE VoiceOver Insider Magazine, and as soon as I am allowed to tell… I will! (Believe me, I will!!!!!!) Sign up at http://www.voice-overs.com. (I’m allowed to say that here, aren’t I, Stephanie?)

  16. I recently voiced a TV narration for a Swedish company called Reijmyre Glassworks, who use “old world” glassblowing techniques in all of their products. A nice project despite all those tricky Swedish words, which aren’t always pronounced as they’re spelled.

  17. This week, I finished my website! I wanted to highlight my work as a translator, as well as my voice-over work. More and more translation agencies are getting into the voice-over business these days. Last week I landed a job narrating the launch of a video game, and the Italian client found me on one of the sites that lists me as a translator. Here’s the funny thing: even though Dutch is my first language, 99% of my voice-over work is in English. And finally, I signed up for a number of voice-over online networks. Hope to see you there!

  18. Recently I voiced the following projects:
    Various TV Commercials for Universal Music Group including Lady Gaga’s new album
    Radio 2 Netherland’s Top 2000 promo kit for NAB Las Vegas
    Toppers press video, the group chosen to perform from The Netherlands at Eurovision 2009 in Moscow
    Ajax TV’s weekly programme, a highlights show on Ajax Amsterdam Football, provide commentary and voiceover
    Promo’s for Reality TV show pitches
    Ringtone TV commercials for the Australian and South African markets
    Corporate video for the European Fishing Industry
    I think that covers most from the past month!
    Marc Chase

  19. Keeping busy with the standard phone message blasts from several different companies. Thank the Good Lord for them these days. And then there are the ongoing narrations for Media Learning center.
    Also did a commercial spot for long time client Orange Label advertising for a copier vendor in So Cal. Voiced a “Point of Purchase” display for Sunkist….the benefits of lemons!
    3 radio spots for a medical practice, a Bank of Commerce radio spot, and a series of tags for some celebrity voiced PSA’s for the Amber alert system. It’s always something, and always something new! Gotta love it.

  20. Hi Stephanie,
    My month is moving along quite nicely with the following gigs on the books:
    :30 TV spot for Subaru of Merillvillle, IN
    :30 TV spot for Kapalua Adventures in Maui
    :60 Internet promo for Fancaster.com
    A few projects possibly on the horizon but I guess that goes without saying in our business!

  21. Just finished a safety video in English and Spanish for Episode 11 Studios and a telephone message for IEG google service out of Ireland.
    Also working on a new Elvis GPS voice over for Pigtones.com

  22. I am appearing in various episodes of Colonial Radio Theater’s Perry Mason Series.
    Hear it on:
    Sirius Radio Ch. 117
    XM Radio Ch. 163

  23. Hi everyone!
    I wanted to post earlier, but I’ve been super busy with voiceovers (yay!).
    I was hired as the host of a new online series about heart health (loveyourheart.ca), where I show women how easy it can be to do “One Small Thing” to love their hearts. We shoot in Toronto every week.
    That’s the ‘biggie’ so far. Aside from that, voicing for a ‘healthy school planner’; Honda Canada; a Royal Albert Museum doc on native life; a major insurance broker; McDonald’s WalMart locations; and a number of pharmaceutical companies. Three cheers for Voices.com!


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