It all started with a Tweet.

One day while checking his Twitter feed president and CEO, David Ciccarelli, noticed a call from Google. They were holding a contest to win the chance to buy Google Glass. All participants had to do was reply with what they would do if selected to be among the first group of people to be Google Glass Explorers.

Ciccarelli Tweeted back with “Something incredibly entrepreneurial!” Just a few months later he was on his way to New York, NY to pick up his glasses. The London, Ontario resident is thrilled to have his chance to test Glass and help Google further develop the technology. The purpose of the Google Glass Explorer program is for participants to provide advice to Google on how the product could be used in the mainstream by average consumers.

Nicknamed “Glass,” it is a tiny computer packed into a lightweight, comfortable frame that rests neatly above the eyes and makes exploring and sharing the world faster and easier. When you turn it on, by voice command, it records 10-second snippets of audio and video at a time but can record longer if desired. You can play it back directly on the device through bone conduction. The device also allows you to explore the internet and send emails.

Just days after Ciccarelli arrived home with Glass he has appeared on Canada AM, CBC Radio, and many other media outlets to demo the Glass. With the interest rising  he will be holding a Google Glass Open House at HQ where invited guests can demo the glasses for themselves and take a small part in this revolutionary new technology.




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