Just when working from a home-based recording studio seemed to be all one could do to keep up with opportunities and auditioning online, savvy voice actors are now finding even more ways to maximize time for their businesses outside of the studio by using the Voices.com app released Monday May 7, 2012.

No longer bound to a physical desk and recording setup, voice actors can record literally from anywhere, anytime using the Voices.com app.

Many voice actors have cut custom auditions as they waited in line at restaurant drive thrus, as they got their shopping done in grocery store aisles and after dropping children off at school.

So long as they are connected to the Internet,  voice actors can audition from anywhere, even from mobile devices.

The app is revolutionary in the sense that not only can voice actors audition for work on the go, they can also record demos to share with prospective clients on the fly and immediately feature those voice samples on their Voices.com profiles.

The Voices.com iPhone app, compatible with iPad and iPod Touch, empowers voice actors to find and audition for amazing voice-over jobs from around the world. Professionals can get started by creating their voice talent profile and add languages spoken, age range, special skills and detail their recording setup.

Another great feature of the Voices.com iPhone app is that talent can manage their voice demos and share those audio files by email or on Facebook or Twitter straight from the app.

By far, the most significant benefit is the ability to respond to jobs from anywhere, anytime. Talent are presented with details including a job’s budget, deadline and creative direction. After reviewing the opportunity, talent can then reply with a voice sample, proposal and price quote.

The most exciting element of the app, aside from auditioning, is that talent can even include a custom demo recorded using the microphone on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The experience had is similar to how talent use the Voices.com website where they can also keep track of their auditions, win jobs and make money with their voices.

Curious to learn more? Try these features out for yourself as well as many others.

Download the new Voices.com app for free from the App Store and audition for your next job today.

The company plans on releasing an app specially crafted for the Apple iPad and further down the road, an Android app.

View how the Voices.com iPhone App works for Voice-Over Talent here.



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