voice-girl-drinking-tea-300.jpgMeeting with over 144 voice actors in one of the hottest clubs in Los Angeles at the W Hotel was absolutely amazing!

Who was there, what happened, and how did it turn out?
There’s so much to share with you and I can’t wait until you read this!
Check out today’s VOX Daily for coverage of this event!

Lights, Camera, Voices!

The City of Angels played host to our very first mixer, gathering together members of Voices.com, experts, and friends — both old and new — to a wonderful evening of networking and fellowship.
If anyone has ever questioned the validity or value of voice actors networking with each other, this event demonstrated just how important it is to socialize, shake hands, and capture precious moments on camera.

My evening started interviewing a warm and gracious voice actress, Alicyn Packard, whom you may have recently seen in an interview with Kevin Delaney, the Voice Over Ninja. Alicyn met with me prior to the festivities and shared aspects of her creative process that we’ll get into tomorrow in a special feature.

Two by two, or so it seemed, voice talent began arriving to Whiskey Blue, welcomed by a Voices.com banner that Neil Wilson helped me display (thank you, Neil!) indicating that yes, you were in the right place.

Everyone got to put name tags on for easier introductions. David purchased bilingual name tags for me before I left Canada, so for Canucks in attendance such as the lovely Ellen Dubin, the event was a reminder of home with the text Hello / Bonjour scribed across the top!
The room was hopping with voice talent. It was my great pleasure to meet Herb Merriweather and his wife Cora, Julie Williams, Claire Dodin, Vanessa Hart, Kurt Kelly, Avi Melman and his wife Kerry, Dana Lyn Baron, Trevor Jones and his wife, photographer Leila Jones, Eugene Mayer, Anna Vocino and her husband Loren Tarquinio, Rachel Robinson and her sister, Ashley Huyge, Tony Wallace, Josh Snyder, Tracy Winfrey, Charlie Rengel, Cherie Huet, Ginny You, Heidi Schooler, Vida Ghaffari, Andrea Christensen, Susan Smart and her husband;

Ratana, Ellen Dostal, Talmadge Ragan, Stephanie Komure, Anna Lux, Brent Allen Hagel and his girlfriend Ivy Dulci Bierer, Matilda Novak, Mick Wingert, Richard Tatum, Rich Owen, John Taylor, Del Roy, Phi Dao Ewing, Stephanie Riggio, Eila Ulyett, Andrew Heyl, Daniel Wallace, David Courtney, Artt Butler, Tony Azzolino, Karen Kahler, Bob Hurley, Marian Michaels and her husband Michael, Piotr Walczuk, Bryan O’Neal, Julie O’Dell, Byron Wagner, Andrew Feliciano of Voicetrax West, and many more. Forgive me if I’ve left anyone out. If your name is missing from this list, let me know and I’ll add it in 🙂

Pat Fraley also made an appearance to join in the merriment. I never miss an opportunity to see my friend Pat.
Zurek of VoiceoverUniverse also came along with George Whittam, out for a second night of voice over bonding (they were also at the garden party at the Ciprianos as were several others at the mixer). David Alden joined us for another night of fun, too!
Penny Abshire, James Alburger, Curt Byk, and Connie Mustang were also present, representing the crew from VOICE.

Kicking off at 6 p.m. and wrapping up well after the posted time of midnight (many left as late as 1 a.m.), our first endeavour to bring people together offline in a social setting was an overwhelming success!

The room got to sound levels that are rarely heard in studio, and with over one hundred voices going at any given time, the volume alone contributed to an encouraging sense of excitement, affirming that the voice over community is alive and well in Los Angeles.
By the end of the night, there were only 56 name tags left out of 200 that I came with. If my math is correct, there were at least 144 people participating at the mixer over the course of the night.

I am already planning to return to Los Angeles and do it all over again!
Thank you to everyone who was able to join us and I hope to see more of you more often in the days and years to come.
Best wishes,


  1. Hi Cat,
    Thank you for asking! I’m sure there will be something in LA where Voices.com brings people together. Perhaps in 2012 closer to VOICE 2012 🙂
    Best wishes,


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