Lili WexuIt isn’t everyday that you get to announce for a captive audience the world over!

Canadian voice over artist Lili Wexu shone brightly during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games as the French speaking announcer during both the Opening and Closing ceremonies.
At the top of her game, Lili has been announcing for a number of high profile national and international events via live broadcast.
Learn more about what Lili’s been up to in today’s VOX Daily!

O Canada!

One of the most prestigious roles a voice over talent can play is to serve as announcer during a live event hosted on the world’s stage.
While all eyes at the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games were on the promenading athletes and performers, our team proudly took note that all ears were listening to voice talent member and confident award-winning talent, Lili Wexu, a Canadian bilingual voice over professional who had the honor of delivering French announcements to an audience of over 60,000 people and millions upon millions of people around the globe.

To cap off the games, she also served as the French announcer for the Closing ceremonies.
Lili’s voice, already recorded this spring, will be providing announcements at the Juno Awards Gala dinner for the second year running. The Juno Awards honor Canadian musicians and shines the spotlight on the Canadian music industry. She also announced at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2009.
Over the past few years, Lili has found live announce to be an area of interest for her that has elevated her career to new heights.

In a previous article, we discussed whether or not the announcer has left the building… clearly, for events such as the Olympics, award shows, and so forth, the announcer is staying put and performs their role exceptionally well setting the tone for what is to come next and to give more dignity to high profile events.

Have You Been Doing Any Announcing Lately?

Add a comment and let us know what you’ve been up to! Also, if you have any comments for Lili Wexu, you’re welcome to share those too 🙂
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  1. I created several announcements for a software company’s national sales kickoff. They were brief, “please return to your seats” kind of announcements, but it was actually my first real job. That led to 2 other job possibilities, so it was worth every second!

  2. Hello Stephanie,
    For several years I have been the pubic address announcer for a youth baseball complex, I donate my time, but its fun to make the kids feel like they are at a big league ballpark.
    Also in my “day job” (fire captain) I am the voice on our portable radios, IE: when the radios are turned on or switched to different channels, Its my voice that announces where you are: dispatch, command 2, command 5, tac 12 ETC…..
    Thanks for all these great articles…Randy Anderson

  3. The live gigs are my favorite! I’m still a live event producer so getting to be an announcer is always a thrill. Just finished up a youth business organization’s awards show in Baton Rouge!

  4. Many congrats to Lili!
    I did a announcement gig for a radio station’s presentation at a Benefit recently. I voiced the “gratitude/explanation of the Charity’s purpose” speech of one of the guest of honour to the attendees.

  5. Hi all,
    Last week I did two 30 sec.spots for a local restaurant that just opened up called ‘Big Als Snack Shack’. I was the voice of Big Al who is a hillbilly of sorts – the owners liked the voice and the sound and went with it – looks like more work down the road I’m told – sweet!
    I’m still putting in the mighty 40 behind the mic announcing for the radio station I work for keeping my pipes tuned for other gigs they may want me for.
    Between times I’m the ‘Host’ for a local talk show each week where we discuss what matters to all who live in the community in which I work.
    In mid-April I’ll be the emcee for an annual Canadian Red Cross event recognizing those who are well deserving.
    After 5 full years with, I’ve decided to drop my ‘preferred’ membership and plan to market myself in other ways -cudos to the gang at for their hard work – it’s been a blast!
    Blair Wilson

  6. Worked as an Update Producer out of the TSN Studios in Toronto for the Games. Wrote and voiced hourly highlight packages that were uploaded to both and Bell Mobility. Was a fantastic gig!! And it was nice to combine my broadcast skills with my voice acting skills 🙂

  7. I’ve just listened to her recordings. I’m bilingual – but not that bilingual. I can almost always tell whether a person is English or French, but in her case, I can’t. It’s amazing. Great voice too.

  8. Hello, I am very interested in voice over work. I live in Victoria BC and would be interested in any projects. Please advise how to get started. I will do projects for free to get base started.


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