Last weekend we hosted a mixer in Toronto that was attended by over 50 people including voice over talent and customers who hire talent on the website.
Ben, Ashley, Brogan and I were thrilled to see everyone and want to share some of our experiences from our time in Toronto with you.
Catch up on the goings on and see some pictures from the mixer in today’s VOX Daily!


Ashley Hall MixerAshley Hall

Donna King Miller was the first person to arrive for the mixer. She and I had a great conversation about how to optimize her profile and the auditioning process. While we were talking, Donna was excited to note that she will be participating in our 3 week teleseminar course “Future of Voice Overs.” Donna wrote on my Facebook wall about her great experience meeting the team.

I also spoke with Kelly and Julie Hilson of Switch Marketing. Switch Marketing has a great team of employees who were conversational, personable, and genuinely interested in You may recognize their company name as they post regularly at We discussed our voice talent and what goes on in the auditioning process, sharing the talent perspective which they found fascinating. Switch Marketing noted the extras that we offer our members such as teleseminars and our outstanding customer service.

Their team was very impressed by how interactive we are with our talents and how we educate them on growing industries using voice over, citing that is more then just a connection between the two (talent and clients) and truly appreciated our efforts to connect with both clients and talents.

Catherine Claridge had a lot of great questions about starting her voice over career and is presently working on her demo and home recording studio. When asked how fit into the online marketplace, I discussed how we use Google AdWords, our search engine optimization strategies and gave examples of’s social media interactions. She loved the information and now she, among others present, has a better understanding of how operates and the behind the scenes work we do.

Brogan Wilson MixerBrogan Wilson

I conversed at length with Pat Sweeney, a real stand-up guy. Pat is new to the VO industry and he spoke very highly about our large database of developmental resources. He loved the Getting Started guide and bonus help section.
Another person I met with was Donna King Miller. Donna loves our service, signed on during the last teleseminar series (December 2009) and listens to podcasts regularly.
Anthony Sardinha also made an impression on me. Anthony is new to the VO industry and has found to be extremely helpful for providing guidance. He has a strong technical background, specializes in cartoon voices and really appreciates our efforts.

Ben Jackson MixerBen Jackson

I met with a number of people from Switch Marketing. Julie Hilson loves the customer service and support she receives from Located just outside of Collingwood, ON their company is moving into new offices in Collingwood to sustain their growth. Already posting 5 jobs at per week, they plan on doing even more business with us in the future.
Drew “Jazz” Allman and I got a chance to chat. Jazz loves the amount of resources on our site.
I too had a good conversation with Donna King Miller. The discovery that we were both born in the same area of Canada warranted a celebratory high five!

david-ciccarelli-voices-toronto-mixer.jpgDavid Ciccarelli

Professional voice talent Andrea Rooz took a few minutes to speak with me. She thinks we’re doing a good job, however, she wants to see increased activity with regard to client feedback and gain access to more statistics. I am working on how we may do this for her and others with similar requests.
Another voice over professional I spoke with was Tanya Buchanan of Ta-Da! Voiceworks. She is very interested in partnering with to expand her horizons in collaboration with other voice talent.
Angela Kryhul provides editing, writing and content management services. She will be working with’s voice talent for podcasting and other audio content productions.

Wrap Up

As you can see, we had lots of great conversations and plan on continuing to tour North America to bring voice acting communities together. We will have an exciting announcement about our next mixer soon so stay subscribed to VOX Daily!

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