Voices.com home page
Over a period of several weeks, we had been conducting layout tests to see which home page layout was preferred by clients using our service to hire voice over talent.
As you may have noted today, we have a winner.
While it may not be what you are used to seeing, statistics don’t lie, and frankly, this is what works!
Learn more about why we waited until now to announce this and also about the positive changes we are already seeing thanks to some research, tracking and implementation.


Whenever we do anything at our company, it is always in the best interests of our customers and providing them with an even better experience using Voices.com to meet their needs and fulfill their goals. Some of these activities include testing technical aspects of the site, which I’ll explain in more detail below.

The Voices.com home page, as I had mentioned earlier, underwent a series of tests to see which version of our home page performed best with regard to client registrations and job postings. During the testing, anyone visiting the site would have seen a different home page layout, meaning not all members were seeing the same things. This was key in discovering which layout worked best.

In order to make sure that the results of this test were as pure as they could be, we were unable to tell you that testing was going on, otherwise the results wouldn’t have been an accurate representation of how people were instinctively using Voices.com.

Removal of Featured Talent Lists from the Home Page
The most notable difference is that the Featured Talent lists have been removed from the home page. To assure you, these lists still exist, and while they may not be on the home page any more, Featured Talent lists are accessible from the Site Map among other locations on the site.
I’ve also included links to them right here for your convenience:

Top 100 New Voices
Top 100 Most Listens This Week
Top 100 Most Listens This Month
Top 100 Most Listens All Time
Top 100 Favorites This Week
Top 100 Favorites This Month
Top 100 Favorites All Time
Top 100 Recently Hired

What Clients Want

This may seem obvious, but what clients care about most when visiting Voices.com is hiring voice over talent and posting jobs.
We needed to do something drastic that would have an impact and help to sell your services for you in a different way in order to raise the bar.

Fact: The Voices.com home page is usually the first place a client lands when visiting our website. Bearing this in mind, we needed to have a clearer offering presented to them from the start. I heard that someone thought the new home page looked like an advertisement, and they’re right! To add to that thought, isn’t that what you expect of us and what we are supposed to do… advertise how people can hire voice talent for voice over work?

This all makes sense when you view it from the perspective of someone who is looking for the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to search for talent or post a job.
Summary: The #1 purpose of Voices.com is to connect voice talent with people who want to hire them. Knowing this, we needed to make a change in order to help the website perform better and serve our members.

Serving Our Customers

Voices.com has two complementary customer sets, voice over professionals and the people who need to get a voice over recorded.
The simple truth of the matter is that the voice over marketplace’s relationship with both sets is symbiotic, meaning that everyone relies upon, is served by and directly benefits from each other.

๏ Voice talent want to find work and choose to list their profiles on Voices.com
๏ Voices.com attracts clients who need voice overs recorded to the site
๏ Clients use Voices.com to hire voice over talents
When clients hire talent at Voices.com, they get what they want, voice over talent receive work, and the team at Voices.com achieves our goal of connecting people for work opportunities.

Anything Else?

What other improvements would you suggest we try on the home page?
Looking forward to hearing from you,


  1. Stephanie,
    Thanks for explaining the new Voices.com home page. Like many others, I was wondering why there were changes being made…and trust in your ability to work out the BEST situation for voice talent…as well as seekers!
    My only suggestion(as a voice talent, of course) would be to add a “Movers & Shakers” link in the nav bar. Since we almost NEVER get feedback from seekers, a quick link is an easy way for us(and seekers) to see who’s getting the most favorable response to our auditions. I’d like to see this link on the home page.
    Thanks again,

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I like the new look, and it does seem more functional for the seekers.
    One question: When you click on a directory entry (ie. Video Games), how does it order the results? Are they random? Or are keywords or rankings used?
    Just wondered,

  3. I can’t speak to the home page, but I can say that having come up in the #2 slot of FAVORITES on the home page landed me at least one job. Client said he listened to first voice, went on to me, then stopped listening.

  4. Hi Stephanie! I clicked on the “top listens this week” link, and was so amazed and surprised to see my name listed at #14! Then, enthusiastically, I navigated to your new home page, which looks great! I went to the educational category, and there I was….page 10. Then I went to the documentaries category….page 16. I wondered…Does the order of voice talent ranking continue to change within each category for say “Business” or “Television?” If so, what criteria needs to be met for a change to be implemented, or is it purely random? Thanks for your commitment to the voice over world, and for constantly striving to make improvements to your site!

  5. Hi JC, Joe, Julie and Linda,
    Thank you all for your comments!
    The rankings in the Directory are based upon level of membership ( as touched upon in the search engine post from a couple of days ago found here – http://tinyurl.com/czcwb4 ) and the ordering of those listings within that framework are on a dynamic rotation, meaning that each person visiting the Directory will see a different ordering of talent in a category at any given time. This ensures that everyone receives the same promotion and visibility over the course of their membership as it relates to their membership level.
    Linda, good question. Even if you are on the 16th page of a category, the Most Listens counts listens across the board, including your profile, search results, categories, the store, and auditions. Basically, you could rank deeper in the categories in still be heard in any number of locations on the Voices.com site. My advice to you is to keep doing what you’re doing because it’s obviously working!
    I hope this helps 🙂

  6. Stephanie,
    I like a lot of the changes Voices.com is making, but I would love to see the featured talent, or at least a link to the favorites list, displayed on the main page. Is there a possibility that a link can be displayed so that clients are aware that the list exists? Just a thought. Otherwise, great job!
    Michelle Falzon

  7. Hi everyone,
    I spoke with David and he has said that if you make suggestions as to where a link should be to the Featured Talent lists, he will take your suggestions into account, and if the link sits well and doesn’t interfere too much with the layout and navigation, we will add a link to the lists on the home page.
    It would help a great deal if you could tell us EXACTLY where you think the link should go on the home page. Don’t say “Near the top”, for instance, say something like “Beside the X beneath the X near the wording ‘ABCDEFG'”. Be very specific with where you think it should go and adding a link to the Featured Talent lists from the home page could happen.

  8. Hi Stephanie!
    Thanks so much for considering this. I have two suggestions as to where the link for featured talents should go.
    1st suggestion: On the main home page, at the top, there are four drop down menus/links: “Find Voices”, “Find Jobs”, “Community”, and “My Account”. There is an extra space after “My Account”, right before the orange button that says “Post Your Job”. That space could be a good area to place a link for featured talents.
    2nd suggestion: When you get to the home page, scroll down halfway to the green search box. Perhaps right after the word “Search” which is in white text in the dark green shaded area.
    I remember being on the top 5 for a few days, and my daily number of listens shot up by about 100 a day. So seekers definitely use it. Anyone else have any suggestions?
    Thanks again!
    Michelle Falzon


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