Ultimate Success Story Winners
We received so many amazing, breathtaking entries about how people had found success in a variety of ways at Voices.com that it was difficult to choose just three!
The winning entries have been included in this article for you to hear, to discover their secrets of success and to also inspire those who are auditioning each and every day.

The Winners of the Ultimate Voices.com Success Story!

Congratulations are in order for our winners, Paul Strikwerda, Paul Albertson, and Lori Taylor!
I’ve included their experiences shared as audio reviews of Voices.com for you to hear.

Download Paul Strikwerda’s Story »

Paul Strikwerda’s Voices.com Review

Paul StrikwerdaTwo months ago, Paul decided to challenge Voices.com.

Sixty days later, his dollar-a-day membership plan paid off big time. With $2300 in the bank, Paul had earned more than 38 times his investment.
Paul speaks Dutch as his primary language, can perform accent-free Dutch, British English, German, and French.

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Paul Albertson’s Voices.com Review

paul-albertson.jpgAs the James Bond of Voice Overs, Paul chose Voices.com as his partner in promotion and visibility. Now, his unique brand enjoys world-class exposure in Britain and beyond.

Two secrets of Paul’s success are in his recording.
A perfect business pairing, Paul Albertson has leveraged his service offerings and profile at Voices.com to achieve phenomenal results.
Visit Paul Albertson at Voices.com
Listen to Paul Albertson’s Voice Over Demos

Download Lori Taylor’s Story »

Lori Taylor’s Voices.com Review

Lori TaylorLori Taylor has been a voice talent for over 35 years and used to travel several hours to recording studios. Thanks to Voices.com, her voice is now heard throughout the world. No more traveling for hours in the car!

Through her relationship with Voices.com, Lori has been able to jump out of her comfort zone and do some fun character work.
Visit Lori Taylor at Voices.com
Listen to Lori Taylor’s Voice Over Demos
Paul Strikwerda, Paul Albertson and Lori Taylor will all receive gift certificates to Sweetwater Sound as part of their prize as well as additional publicity through a major press campaign.
Thank you to everyone who entered this contest! It was truly humbling to hear your stories about learn more about how you had personally found success at Voices.com. What a joy and blessing it was to discover more about what our service means to you.

Our team listened to many of the entries together and were touched by the sincerity of each entry and amazed by each and every story that was sent in.
We’re thrilled that many of you feel the same way about working with us as we do about serving you. It’s an honor and a privilege to work for and alongside such dedicated voice over professionals.

To read other Voices.com success stories, you are welcome to visit the Voices.com Buzz blog at any time.
As always, if you have a story to share, let us know!
Best wishes,
Stephanie and The Voices.com Team


  1. What a day!
    Coming home from Philadelphia, I found a nice Voices.com check in the mail, and it turned out that this was just an indicator of things to come…
    By now, my entire neighborhood is aware of me having won your fabulous prize! I’m afraid I just blew out my vocal chords when I heard I had won, and shouted “Yeah” at the top of my lungs. My outburst of joy was definitely worth it, and -as I just learned from voices.com- it’s very important not to whisper. You should know that I’ve never won anything like it in my entire life, and I am very excited about the prospect of using my gift certificate at a great place like Sweetwater Sound.
    A huge THANK YOU to Stephanie and her team for giving me something to write about, and for awarding me this prize! I am absolutely blown away by it.
    Stay in touch with the Dutch!

  2. Hi Herb and Paul,
    Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and for commenting! It is a great feeling to be working for people like you and to share in your triumphs and success 🙂
    Best wishes,

  3. I met Lori Taylor 4 years ago when we were both auditioning for an on-camera spokesperson gig here in Orlando. Let me tell you what a truly delightful woman she is! Her sense of humor and humility was so contagious, she had the whole green room in stitches! ;o)
    At that time, I had recently relocated from Chicago to Orlando. Although I was enjoying an already-established voice over career, Lori was gracious enough to open up my world to even more venues including Voices.com. She is truly a woman who believes in “paying it forward.” I owe a great deal to to Lori Taylor for my continued VO success! God bless you, Lori!


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