Profile screen shot, Voice Talent Joy Lyn ShawDavid and I delivered an interactive presentation that shares how members of can get the most out of the service and gave some power tips that make a world of difference.

Giving the presentation was so much fun! I’m excited to share some of the highlights with you now.
Even if you are already doing much of what is mentioned, you’ll probably find something new that you haven’t explored or tried, so dig in!

Game Plan

This year we decided to place more of an emphasis on how our members can get the most out of, including power tips for marketing your voice that will make a world of difference.
During the presentation, we discussed:
๏ Creating Your Profile
๏ Uploading Your Demos
๏ Auditioning for Job Opportunities
๏ Accepting Payment
๏ Delivering Files

Creating Your Profile

Describing your voice
Describing your voice may seem a bit of a chore but you must remember that it is often the description of your voice that sells your talent first. Text is visual and easier to take in whereas audio requires taking the step to listen. A good description of your voice is gold. Your description should be brief yet telling, accurate, and easy to digest.

Selecting your “Primary Language”, adding accents and dialects
When you are featuring your voice and capabilities, it’s important to let clients know what language you speak primarily and also which accents and or dialects you are able to perform.

Highlight your experience
Experience can include anything you’ve done that would support your voice over career or business. I’ve heard someone in casting say that they consider education to be experience. If you are a new voice over talent and feel that you don’t have much to show for yourself as a voice talent yet, including your education, any training, volunteer work or projects you’ve created promoting your voice count for something and look better than leaving the field in your profile blank.

Profile Power Tips
๏ Add testimonials in your feedback area
๏ Include a partial client list
๏ Upload a head shot or representative image

Uploading Your Demos

Upload MP3 demos
If you upload an MP3 demo, your file will play beautifully in the flash players at Do not upload any other file format and expect it to work because it won’t! This goes for auditions, too. Only submit MP3s.

Select a category for each demo to get featured in the Directory
Once you have uploaded your demo, you will be able to choose a category to feature it in. Pick the category that best represents what’s on your audio file, for instance, if you have uploaded auto attendants and on-hold messaging for telephone system recordings, choose the Telephone category.

Choose one demo as your “Primary Demo”
If you have multiple demos uploaded (more than one), it will be necessary to identify one of your demos as the audio sample you want to appear in name-based searches. When a client looks for you by name, this will be the demo they hear.

Demo Power Tips
๏ Name your demos appropriately
๏ Add tags (descriptive words) to each demo
๏ Make sure you feature only your best work

Auditioning Tips

Make sure your profile is complete
As you may know, all of the job notifications you receive are based upon the information that you have listed in your profile. Any preferences you have selected also determine what kind of jobs you receive. By completing all aspects of your profile, you’ll be opening the door for more opportunities to come rolling your way through job invitations and also via the search engine.

Only audition for jobs you are suited for
Inevitably, there will be jobs that you are notified of that match your profile on paper but aren’t necessarily a perfect fit in practice. If you read the requirements for a job and feel that it’s not your cup of tea or that you don’t meet some of the casting specifications, there is no harm in passing on the audition.

By only submitting for jobs that you are best suited for, you stand a better chance of being hired and or making a good impression on the person who is hiring.
Audition Power Tips
๏ Personalize proposals
๏ Stay within the client’s budget range
๏ Record a dry voice, custom demo whenever possible

Accepting Payment

Clients pay using SurePay at
In response to the needs of our customers, both client and voice talent, we developed a payment gateway that ensures clients are satisfied with the work and that voice talent get paid for their services.

SurePay protects both clients and talent
When you’re doing business online, especially doing business for the first time with someone you don’t know, it is a comfort to have something in place that protects both the buyer and seller, ensuring smooth sailing for both parties. As a neutral party, is able to mediate should a dispute ever arise between voice talent and clients at the site who are using our payment service. We’ve found that dispute resolution is required in about 1 in 10,000 jobs.

Funds are released to talent once clients approve the files
When your client receives the files to review and is happy with them, they click “I accept” which notifies that the client has released their payment.

Work Agreement

Outlines the scope of work
A work agreement must be uploaded by a voice talent upon a client awarding them a job. When a client awards a job, it’s time to get all of the details from the initial proposal into a work agreement that confirms all that you said you’d be able to do for the client.

Confirms important details
Your work agreement will spell out the nitty gritty of your project, confirming details such as when the work will be finished by, the format you’ll be delivering it in, the quote and any other particulars.

Is a binding contract
Once completed and uploaded to, your client will need to accept the work agreement in order to continue, verifying all that you have proposed. This is a binding contract which you have both agreed to. This is also information that our team at is privy to. If need be, we can refer to this work agreement to assist you at any stage of the project’s completion.

Delivering Files

Upload your files to the work space at
Once you have recorded for your client, the next step is to upload the finished audio to your work space at
File limit is 100MB
100MB is a generous amount for delivering files. Most projects come in under 100MB.
Click “Send File”
Just as easy as it sounds. When you’re finished uploading your file(s), click “Send File”.

Give and Receive Feedback

Many people prefer to use SurePay because it makes it easier to do business and getting feedback is an important part of that process to build trust and credibility. Briefly:
๏ Jobs completed through SurePay are eligible to receive feedback
๏ Client rates experience
๏ Talent rates experience
๏ Feedback consists of a 5-star rating and a review
If you have any questions about how this works or would like to read more about the various aspects of, scroll back up and click on the blue hyperlinked words to visit articles concentrating on particular features or topics of interest.

Any Comments?

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Stephanie and David


  1. Hello Steph and David,
    It was wonderful to see you at the event in Schenectady…and a great talk as always. It re enthused me about and I stepped up my prospecting on the site and it looks like I will get the nod from a guy this week to start weekly narrations for his videos.
    As it appears now, Voices is in a very unique position…you have the warm bodies, with thousands of VO pros…both beginner and seasoned alike….and with your expertise, there is so much that could be offered:
    1. Coaching
    2. Conventions
    3. Beginner Training
    4. Master Classes
    5. A robust products catalog
    6. Advanced Training on how to win bids on Voices
    The list is endless….there is so much money laying on the table just from offering services that these folks want and need.
    I would love to see you folks host a convention…1000 to 2000 voices all there to learn, network and spend a few education and training dollars.
    Test the water…it could be perfect.
    Thanks again for a great job.
    David Rodwell

  2. Thanks for the info. Do you folks offer workshops? I’ve been feeling like I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I really want to be a success at voice over work. What exactly is filtering?

  3. Hi Barry,
    Thank you very much for commenting and I hope all is well with you.
    At present, does not offer workshops, but we have been asked about doing so and are considering the opportunity.
    Filtering? I’m not sure what the context is but clients can filter search results or audition responses to see people who meet specific criteria. Is this what you were wondering about? If not, please let me know and I’ll do my best to look into this further for you.
    Best wishes,


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