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Experience Community with Your Voices Peers

Experience community with your Voices peers

You told us that you’d love a spot to interact with your Voices peers, so we’re thrilled to announce the Voices Community Forum

Get advice that accelerates your career

The Community Forum is the spot to learn how others get the most out of their time on Voices. It’s your place to discuss thoughts, concerns and suggestions. We encourage you to ask questions and give honest answers. You can even ask your peers for feedback on everything from your audio to your home studio setup to what to include on your profile! Our hope is through proven tips from your peers, you’ll reach your career goals on Voices and beyond. 

Get feedback from your peers. Learn how others’ book work on Voices. Connect with other creative professionals. It’s all possible on the Voices Community Forum.

Easily find the answers you’re looking for

We’ll have rooms to discuss different topics ensuring threads aren’t seeing the same questions. To get things started, we’ve created chat rooms around everything from how to:

  • Attract the best jobs
  • Receive high ratings from clients
  • Pick out the right equipment for the job
  • Learn new techniques

Connect with others in all our creative services

Additionally, you’ll find content for our new creative service categories of audio production, music, and translation to go along with our well-established category of voice over. 

Subscribed members get more

Some rooms are specifically for our subscribed members—one of the (many) perks of being a paid member of the Voices community. Never fear, if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to being a paid member, the open Forum rooms have fantastic content for our Guest members too.

Easy access with one login

Your username and password for Voices are your username and password for the Forum. Everyone who has a Voices login can also have access to the Forum. You can find the Forum via the Help dropdown on our site, in our blog top navigation bar, or by clicking here. Additionally, just like how you can use single sign-on (SSO) to get into your Voices profile, you can also use SSO to get into the Forum.

A positive space with a clear set of guidelines

The Terms of Service, Content Guidelines and Community Guidelines that govern Voices also apply to the Forum. To help translate these onto the Community Forum, we’ve crafted Community Guidelines specific to the Forum. You can read those here. Connect with our Community Manager, Andrew, on the Forum if you have any questions. Meet Andrew in a quick video here.

Will you join us?

Every day we’re lucky enough to interact with our Talent community. You’ve shown us such impressive personal and professional growth since we started this journey back in 2005. We’re looking forward to you experiencing that same positivity and wisdom over on the Forum. Click here to join us.

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  • Avatar for Mariapaz vargas
    Mariapaz vargas
    June 8, 2021, 3:36 pm

    Hola me podrían dar el nombre de un grupo en Facebook o whatsapp o Telegram para agregarme a la comunidad

    • Avatar for andrew
      June 9, 2021, 12:51 pm


      The best place to start after you’ve signed up is on our Community Forum:

      Hope to see you around,