Voices.com 2010 Redesign
Have you noticed a slightly different look to the blog?
We started a few weeks ago with a redesign of the blogs, podcasts and videos and on June 25, 2010 our team will be launching the full redesign for you to discover!
Learn more about how this will happen, how it may affect you and also what you can do in the meantime as we make this exciting transition.

It’s Friday… and the Voices.com Redesign Launch!

Hold on to your hats, it’s redesign time! 18 months of work based upon your feedback has led up to this moment when the Voices.com website gets a fresh coat of paint and some upgrades too.
During this process, you may experience difficulty accessing certain areas of the website.
While implementation starts Friday June 25, 2010 at 10 A.M. EST and we anticipate that it should take no longer than a few hours, the process may take as long as 48 hours to reach completion.

What can you look forward to?
* A Fresh Look
* Easier Navigation
* More Intuitive Design
* New Social Media Options
* Stronger Security
In order to best handle the system upgrades and make the entire transition go more smoothly, we conducted some website maintenance earlier this week and have been testing for a number of weeks in preparation for this launch. Thank you to our Voices.com beta testers who provided wonderful feedback and reviews of the new site this week.

Take the tour here:
While the transition takes place, you may be redirected to our Voices.com page on Facebook to learn more about our progress and join in the conversations there.

Giving Us Your Feedback

At some point over the next few days, we’d appreciate if you could jot down your first impressions of the new site design here by leaving a comment below.
Best wishes,
Stephanie and The Voices.com Team

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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Voices.com. Classically trained in voice, piano, violin and musical theatre, as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, her podcast Sound Stories serves an audience that wants to achieve excellence in storytelling. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies®.


  1. ..better than new–much, much better than new…(Seriously…I was pleasantly surprised by the way my new page looked as I wasn’t thinking ‘new upgrade’ when I logged in…)
    As always, Voices.com makes us all look good…!

  2. Guys, love the new design and the simpler, quicker navigation – but when answering a job, I noticed something that made things a bit more difficult. You seem to have removed the name of the voice seeker from the *top* of the page when a voice talent is reply to an audition call. I think you’ve left the job information at the bottom, but you used to at least list the job seeker’s name at the top for easy reference while composing the letter to go along with the audition. I wonder if that’s something you could reintroduce?

  3. I LOVE the redesign. It’s very sleek and I think a lot more intuitive, at least from the VO talent side. I’ll check out the tour to see how the other half navigates the new site!

  4. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. We can preview our auditions now. Thanks Voices, very happy ’bout that 🙂

  5. Much better design and navigation. A huge improvement.
    But why, oh why, did you remove the budgets from the list of jobs? Now we have to open each job to see whether we want to keep or delete

  6. I love the new layout of Voices.com! Great job 🙂 It seems more user friendly and easier to understand. More organized too!

  7. Hi Dave,
    Thank you for noticing! This has not been removed forever, not to worry 🙂 The budget details will be added back in, there just wasn’t enough room when we added the languages column. Laurynda confirmed that some modifications will be made to accommodate the budget column so that it will appear as expected.

  8. Lookin’ good. Is there still a way to see if the job has been “awarded” yet though? I don’t see this anywhere anymore….
    And I agree with Jodi, I’d love to see the job seekers name at the top of the reply page again.
    Lastly, it would be awesome if we could see the number of people who’ve already submitted for a job on the list of jobs page.
    Thanks for your hard work!

  9. Hi Gang!
    Looks wonderful, easier to stay on one page an not have to click over to the Overview page for submission details.
    In addition to the budget missing (currently), the job deadline is FAR more important than the job original posting date. Could we switch back to the job submission deadline being listed instead?
    THANK YOU!!!

  10. Hello to all who are commenting and have taken the time to investigate the new site layout.
    I’d like to address a few of the questions posted here
    1. The budget column will be added back in shortly after some modifications are made that will allow the column to fit.
    2. The client contact name is available both on the Job Posting tab as well as on the reply page, please scroll to the bottom. We feel that this information is better suited to the bottom of the page and can easily be referenced without navigating away from your submission.
    3. After numerous surveys and feedback submissions we replaced the deadline date column with the posted date column. The majority of talent prefer to know when a job was made available to auditions rather than when the job is closing to auditions. In many instances a client will make a selection before their deadline date and as a result it can be more beneficial to know when a job was made available versus when it will no longer be available.
    Thank you
    Laurynda Pasma
    Product Development Manager

  11. Thank you so much for posting the job numbers with the jobs. Now when a client sends communication regarding a specific job by number we can go straight to it for quick reference. That’s huge…and greatly appreciated! Thank you. ~Janice Downes

  12. I’ve got to re-iterate that I really think it’s more helpful to have the client contact name at the top of the submission page. Having to scroll down to find it each time I submit is time consuming.
    Also…is there still a way to see if the job has been awarded?

  13. I very much appreciate voices.com’s efforts at website improvement…but unfortunately, removing the deadline column was a terrible idea, and makes for a tedious job-sorting experience. 🙁 Now, we constanly have to click oh every single job in order to find the ones that are most pressing. I don’t want to have to click through 15 (or more!) job postings in order to find the one or two that are due today.
    It’s much more helpful to know when a job is DUE, than when a job was POSTED. (though, to please everyone, why can’t you just make the font be smaller, and post both?)
    That, along with not having a budget column makes the site inefficient.
    Again, many thanks for efforts at positive change. Hopefully, there’s a way to remedy these issues.

  14. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for commenting and thank you to everyone else who has also shared their thoughts.
    Thank you also to the people who have made the commitment to be part of the Voices.com Beta Testing team. Your contributions have been invaluable in terms of feedback and affirming.
    Bill, Jessica and anyone else concerned about dates: We can reevaluate the posted date VS deadline. It would appear that the people who participated in the survey may not be the same people who are commenting here on VOX Daily 🙂 There is a bit of a divide on this and we’ll take another look over how the dates pertaining to each job are presented.
    Jodi and Charlotte: I can see where you two are coming from and I’ll bring your point up when we next discuss responses to the site launch.
    Also, the ability to see the job’s status as awarded is being revised and will be released in a future update to let you know not only if a job has gone through SurePay but if it was completed using a different payment method. Although it may sound simple, mapping this out and executing on it is a significant development project that will take some time.
    At present, all job statuses are shown in relation to your participation with that project. One way to monitor who is booking work using SurePay at present is to view the Recently Hired list. When you see a talent who has recently received feedback, you can click through that feedback rating to read more about who hired them and their experience. You can also click through that client’s username to read more about their company and thereby deduce which project it was that was hired for.
    In general:
    Something that needs to be clarified is that all of the information you are looking for is available to you and often within one click of where you are. We apologize if some of the changes have been an inconvenience to you and hope to remedy these as best we can. Some of these changes were improvements to layout which is why they were made so please keep that in mind should some of these changes remain and not revert to how they were in the former version of the site.
    My recommendation for those who are concerned about changes or who are curious about how we came to make decisions to improve the website is to become actively involved in the process by submitting your ideas, joining the team of Voices.com Beta Testers, or showing interest in features or developments for the site in general, not just when there are proposed or announced changes and improvements.
    The process generally takes 18 months from start to finish. There’s 6 months of preparation that includes gathering feedback from our customers via the blog or through surveys (this happens regularly and is not restricted to just the 6 months prior to development) and 12 months of mapping improvements and additions, prioritizing, assigning tasks and projects, collaborating with our developers, fine tuning the plan, implementing it in our testing environment, alpha testing by our crew here, inviting beta testers and then the final touches with a recap for everyone to see that helps you to understand what was implemented and how the site was improved to serve all people who subscribe to and use Voices.com.
    Of course, once the site has launched and everything is live on the Internet, there is time set aside for commenting on the site and bringing forth any suggestions or feature requests to be considered.
    Keep in mind that everything we are doing is ultimately to benefit our customers and ensure that we are able to continuously improve and steadfastly deliver on our promise. More work goes into this than most people realize. If you’d like to be more involved, you can email us at support (at) voices.com to express your interest or ideas.
    Thank you again to everyone for their support and or feedback!
    Best wishes,

  15. Hey team!
    I really like the way the site is looking as many of us do. My only real concern is one that echo’s a few other members. I would still like to be able to know how many people have auditioned already and what number my audition is… plus it would be nice to know when a job has been rewarded.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks!

  16. Hello all,
    I just wanted to address Tom’s comment of “I would still like to be able to know how many people have auditioned already and what number my audition is.”
    This is already in place. When you’re viewing the Job details or your Answered job there is a Position counter which tells you how many responses have been received and your response position.
    Before you submit the indicator will read “Position 0 of ###” which tells you how many responses the client has received. Your position is 0 until you submit.
    Hope this helps
    Laurynda Pasma
    Product Manager

  17. I have a question about the “Position x of ##” part. I submitted on several jobs yesterday and when I submitted it would say there were X number of people that had already submitted. When my audition went through and I looked it said I was position 1 out of X every time.
    Now, when I look at it, each number is different and on one I’m number 70 of 95 when yesterday there were only 40 people who had submitted before me.
    Is this actually a ranking system? Are the clients ranking the auditions? Or is it really just supposed to be the number in line you are? If it’s the latter, I think the system might be broken.

  18. Also, just as a response to the call for us to get involved, I asked to be part of the beta team when one of the vox daily posts said to leave a comment on it if we were interested. I was never contacted to be a part of the beta tests after that even though I volunteered.

  19. Hi Charlotte,
    I’ll do my best to answer both of your most recent comments here.
    With regard to the position of your auditions, there is no client ranking system that determines where you are placed. If you come across bugs or something you think may be a bug, what we need you to do is email support (at) voices.com and let us know where the bug is (the URL where you saw the error or presumed error), state what you feel the issue is and what you expected to happen (i.e. what you felt the action, feature, or otherwise SHOULD have done so that we get a better idea of where you are coming from regarding your concern)
    I apologize that you were not contacted as a Beta Tester. If your comment came a number of days after David put the call out, he may not have seen your request to be added to the list. Your name has now been added to this list. Going forward you will be personally invited to participate when the opportunity arises for you to give insight and recommendations.
    Best wishes,

  20. I just wanted to let you guys know that I absolutely LOVE the new format of the website!
    As a trilingual voice actor, being able to quickly determine which language all of the Jobs that are currently “Hiring” are seeking will make me so much more efficient. Thank you for making my life and job easier!
    Kamran R. Khan

  21. Laurynda,
    I actually realized the placement numbers were there after I commented, so I apologize for that. I’m glad to see that.
    I did have another concern though. I know that when we are selected, we receive notice, but just the same… I would still like to know when the job is awarded to someone, by looking at the audition, like the “overview” tab used to have. Any thoughts on that?

  22. Hi Tom,
    For the time being you will only be able to see a job’s status in terms of how it relates to your audition. Again, this is temporary and will be resolved. The reason for this is that David and Laurynda are working on a way to show you not only that a job has been AWARDED, but also that a job has been COMPLETED. In the past, all you could see where jobs that went through SurePay (“awarded”), however, you will also be able to see jobs that were completed with payment being made via a different payment method (i.e. client sent talent payment directly without using SurePay).
    This is being worked on right now.
    Best wishes,

  23. Love it – and now that you’ve removed that “Are you sure you want to delete this job” message, the site is even better. Thanks for the continued improvements .


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