Voices of Vision woman with microphone, headphones and pop filterWe’re very excited to announce the Voices of Vision Panel!

This Friday night in Toronto, a number of people from various parts of the industry will be speaking on a panel that will talk about animation voice over work in Canada as well as how the Canadian voice over landscape differs from that of our American neighbours.
Learn more about this panel and also about other events taking place during Voices of Vision, September 23-25 in Toronto, ON Canada.

Getting The Vision

Voices.com is pleased to sponsor the Voices of Vision event. As part of our sponsorship, we have assembled a panel to speak to the audience on the topic of voice acting in animation as well as taking a look at how the Canadian voice over industry differs from the American voice over industry.
The panelists are:
๏ Casting Director Jessie Thomson
๏ Voice Director / Talent Stevie Vallance
๏ Voice Over Agent Roger King
๏ Voice actress and instructor Sunday Muse
๏ Voice actor and instructor Mike Kirby
๏ US Voice actor/director/producer/teacher Bill Holmes
To recap the event schedule, here it is:

Thursday September 23, 2010
Voices of Vision Welcome Mixer and Event Registration. As part of the Voices of Vision festivities, a free industry mixer is being held at the Holiday Inn International Airport Hotel in Toronto, ON Canada.

Should you also want to learn more about Voices of Vision and the possibility of attending the event as well, there will be a registration desk available for participating at the event over the course of the teaching schedule.
The registration desk is available from 6:30 p.m. and until 8 p.m. The mixer is scheduled to continue until 10 p.m.

Friday September 24, 2010
Pat Fraley will be the keynote speaker on September 24 presenting on the topic, “Pick up your Oscar.” A voice agent discussion featuring Roger King of the PN Agency, Dan Sandor from Vox Talent and Tanya Buchanan of Ta Da Voiceworks will take place during the lunch hour. During the afternoon, Debbie Munro will present on the topic, “Thinking Outside the Box.”

Later that evening, Voices.com presents The Voices of Vision Panel. As noted above, this panel including Jessie Thomson, Stevie Vallance, Sunday Muse, Mike Kirby, Roger King and Bill Holmes. I trust Bill will give us some American perspective!

Saturday September 25, 2010
MJ Lallo will show you how to create characters for the morning when she delivers her “Creating Characters” lesson. Voice over pro Jodi Krangle will present “Website Promotion for Voice Actors: How to get the Search Engines to give you top billing” over the luncheon and Bill Holmes will teach through the afternoon, speaking on “Script Interpretation and Demos.”
Live entertainment, fun and games will ensue for the duration of Saturday evening and allow for more socialization and networking.

For more detailed information with regard to when presentations take place and to learn more about the event in general, see here:
I hope to see you in Toronto!
Best wishes,



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