There are a number of new features that will improve how you use as well as an entirely new section. Plus, we’ve added a number of new articles and resources.
We’re also looking for feedback on our next product release, so be sure to add your suggestions by taking a brief survey.
Read about these improvements and add your comments now.

24/7 Job Posting Approvals

We’ve always differentiated ourselves by personally reviewing each job that is posted at While this has ensured that the job details, work description and artistic direction are consistently present it often frustrates clients because of their tight deadlines.

The solution is two-fold
1. All private jobs are automatically approved. (Read more about private jobs)
2. Public jobs are automatically approved for verified clients (Read more about public jobs). The criteria for auto approval is that the client must have a history of successful SurePay payments and that their current job posting must be complete meaning all fields are filled in, a script is attached and there is information in their About Us section.

Since we will not necessarily be monitoring the details of these jobs our voice talent will need to make use of the report abuse button. To learn more about what constitutes abuse, check out our solution on the topic of “Report Abuse” by querying the FAQs.
After 30 days, we can announce that automatic job posting approvals are working out extremely well and allowing us to focus on attracting even more opportunities for you.

General Improvements

Defaults for New Accounts
As many of you know, the patent pending technology that powers matches the needs of a client with voice talent profiles. We found that many of our new members were missing out on receiving audition opportunities for jobs that they were qualified for because they had not had time to complete their profiles yet. We decided we’d help everyone get started by pre-selecting some of the settings required to start getting job email notifications.

In order to effectively accomplish this we’ve set-up some default selections for your profile including the Primary Language as English, Ages as Middle Aged, Unions as Non-Union, Special Skills as All and the Experience selection defaults to 3-5 Years.
These settings can be edited. If you would like to view or change yours, you can edit your profile now.

New Languages for Clients to Choose From
Welcome to the new voice talent who speak Swahili, Dari, Kurdish, Pashto, Slovenian, Estonian and Latvian! If you have any suggestions for languages that we may need to add please submit your language suggestion as a Feature Request.

Helpful Pop Ups for Clients
On the job posting form, we’ve added help tips and suggestions in an effort to guide them through the page. The positioning of the floating tips on job posting page no longer cover the fields based on page size so it’s easier than ever to post jobs at
There is a new warning message for clients when they go to delete responses to their job posting. A pop up occurs with the following “Are you sure you want to delete the response? It cannot be undone” with OK to continue or Cancel.

After a job is finished, the client can mark the job as completed at anytime. This is useful for those times that clients complete work offline, or invite the voice talent to an on-location session. To confirm this action, we’ve added a pop-up warning when a client clicks on the Complete button in Job Details “By marking the selected job as Compete you indicate you are no longer hiring for this job. Are you sure you want to continue?” again being presented with options such as “OK” and “Cancel.”

Elimination of the Work Agreement
Over the past several years, we’ve gained a better understanding of what steps are truly important when clients hire voice talent at Yes, auditioning is critical, as well as awarding the job however creating and uploading a work agreement tended to create problems, particularly when it was a rush job — or at least one that wasn’t terribly complicated. As such, we’ve eliminated the work agreement. This has simplified the SurePay process resulting in more payments being made for talent.

Blinking Cursor
Sometimes the simplest additions are the most useful. When replying to internal messages found in your inbox, we’ve added a blinking cursor in the reply message area which makes it more obvious that you can begin typing a response to a message right away. We want to make communicating as easy as possible.

Faster Payments by PayPal
When voice talent are hired at, the client makes a deposit and then the voice talent upload their completed work. Once the client has approved the files we send payment to the voice talent. Payments are sent on the 1st and 15th of each month.
The default payment preference for work completed at is now PayPal, as the vast majority of voice talent have opted for this selection, mainly because you get paid faster than waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.

New Security Measures

We’ve introduced an activation email upon registration to prevent fake accounts and also made it required that a phone number be provided at registration. This has happily resulted in less spam giving us even more time to focus on our customers.

Self Assessment Tool

Another addition to is a self assessment tool for those entering the industry or for people who’d like to see where they are in their journey. Curious? Take the survey to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a pro. Find the self-assessment tool in our Help section.

Voice Agents Directory

We value our community and want to help make it the best we can industry wide. In this spirit, we’ve compiled a directory of voice talent agents where you can add your comments and discover new agencies. You also have the opportunity to write about your experiences with an agency. Use the list on the sidebar of that page. If we’re missing an agency, let us know. We’re encouraging positive comments, so highlight those agencies that have been helpful to your voice acting career.

Wrap Up

How did we do? What else would you like to see rolled out in an upcoming release? Let us know by leaving a comment below.
David, Stephanie and the entire Team.


  1. Hey Stephanie, thanks for another batch of great improvements!
    One thing I’d love to see in an upcoming release would be the ability to add a Twitter feed to my profile page. I think it would take away the ‘stale’ factor on our profiles and with a feed it allows clients to see what the Voice talent is up to..
    Have a great and successful 2010!
    Marc Chase

  2. I would really like to see a notification when the voice seeker has listened to the voice artists’ audition. I would also like to see an automated email notification when a new job is available. Thanks.

  3. Thanks! While I always felt the “work agreement” was implemented for good reason, it was cumbersome and dropping that step was a helpful change. Happy 2010 to all of you at – this site has been instrumental in my business plan for years!

  4. You guys did great, as usual!! Very good information and excellent upgrades.
    You ROCK!
    Maurice Deprey
    Voices by Maurice

  5. I have to agree with Si Hawk. Knowing that someone has listened to your audition would not necessarily help in actually getting the job, but it would lend important information as to which type of jobs you are more likely to get than others.

  6. All helpful changes, but I’d still love to see Word Count a required field for clients. It would eliminate wasted time in the audition process for me. Lots still come through as “0.”

  7. All good changes.
    One thing I would like to see is the “Overview” tab combined with the “Job Posting” tab. Seems like wasted effort to have to click the Overview tab just to see how many auditions have been submitted already. It would be helpful to have that information included in the Job Listing.

  8. definitely needs to implement a system for voice actors to see if their audition was listened to or not. the audition process sometimes takes as long as completing the actual job and it’s just nice to know if it was even a contender. still not completely sure why doesn’t have this?? seems like a simple thing and i know other sites have it. i’ve repeatedly asked for it whenever these surveys come up and never get a response…

  9. Because I’ve auditioned for hundreds of spots without ever hearing anything from the client I can’t help but feel my auditions are not getting there. I know the clients are too busy to respond to every audition, but I need something to ease my mind. I would love to get a notification email when the client has listened to my audition.

  10. Thank you for your feedback!
    Tabitha, we are considering implementing a feature that would let you know if an audition has been listened to. Please note that all survey submissions are anonymous which may be why you did not receive a personal acknowledgment.
    Best wishes,


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