Voices on TVIs your voice on a current television commercial or movie trailer?
Are you being recognized in grocery stores for your commercial voice talent?
Whether it be local, regional or national coverage that your voice is enjoying right now, leave a note on the blog!

Seeing people from TV and being able to recognize them is one thing, however, it is much more of an acquired sense and talent to be able to identify the vocal talents of someone on the street as a member of the viewing audience. Once in New York City I was with a tour group out on the town before a Broadway show walking around and taking in the sights.

One of those sights happened to be Katie Holmes (now also known as Mrs. Tom Cruise) walking discreetly down the street back in the good old days of the teen television drama “Dawson’s Creek”. Needless to say, it was quite the experience for several in our entourage who caught a glimpse and a snapshot of her. While it’s quite surreal to see celebrities out and about, it is equally if not more surprising to hear and recognize celebrities that you don’t have a name to put to let alone a face.

One of the reasons why it is harder to spot a voice talent and commend them on their work is because oftentimes, you aren’t “promoting” a product when you are going about your normal routine. Unless you put on that voice that people would be familiar with, you may go unnoticed, that is, unless you use your signature voice at all times regardless of where you are and what you are doing.

For instance, many have realized that the bee in the Nasonex commercial is voiced by Antonio Banderas. Some voices are more easily recognized than others. The voice over Antonio performed in the Nasonex commercial is his signature voice. Just as actors physically sell the products and persuade people to make purchases your voice sells to them on a number of different levels and often seals the deal with a tag or closing line that makes people remember that particular ad out of the thousands they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Your voice is working it too!
That brings me to my question:
Is your voice in the limelight right now?
Leave a comment with the market your voice is airing in, the product and any experiences you’ve had with fans 🙂
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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  1. The only fans I have are attached to my ceiling in each room of my house…Oh, and then there’s my two daughters and my wife!
    I currently have 5 companies and two radio stations that have hired me to be “their” voice and I’m under contract with XM Satellite as well.
    -Sovereign Bank
    -Joe’s Sporting Goods (Pacific Northwest)
    -Spahn & Rose Lumber (Iowa/Illinois/Wisconsin)
    -Harris Communications (Voicing nationally for their client “Winwholesale Group”)
    -Pacific Oaks FCU (California)
    I look forward to reading others posts who are far more successful… this should be fun!
    Brian in Charlotte
    Blog: VoicePro.blogspot.com

  2. Isn’t self promotion one of the seven deadly sins?
    OK here goes, I got a shot in the new Bay/Spielberg movie “Transformers”, even made it to the IMDB website. Speaking of movies, I was hired as the narrator in the animated movie called “Nadya’s Fritzes” to be released in 2008.
    I have been told that several of my “Commercial Parodies” have been used by Sean Hannity and Howard Stern.
    Which you can preview at
    Bryan Cox on MySpace
    Thanks for your time…
    Bryan Cox

  3. Stephanie,
    For national work, my voice is heard several times each year in both the US and Canada on the Billy Graham television specials. I’ve also served as narrator for a few national (US) television specials from Coral Ridge Ministries.
    And in the past 6 months, 2 documentaries I narrated have run on PBS here in the US. One on urban renewal and land management in the city of Cleveland, OH and the other based on the best-selling business book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.
    I can also be heard doing image voice work in Chicago (WYLL), San Francisco (KFAX) and Tampa (WTBN) every day.
    I’m inclined to agree with Bryan that self-promotion is one of the 7 Deadly Sins; but you did ask.
    Be well,

  4. Stephanie;
    One of the 7 deadly sins… absolutely! haha. Well, as much as I tend to stay in the back row when it comes to stuff like this, and I don’t have the experience many of you guys have, I’ll share a few of the VOs I have that people sometimes know.
    I am ‘the voice’ for Tennessee Public Television and do all their promos and IDs. I have national PSAs for the Humane Society in Canada and the US, and I can be heard as the imaging voice for several radio stations in PA, VA, WV, and OH.
    Forgive me since you asked!

  5. I’ve done about a dozen radio commercials in the San Francisco Bay Area as the announcer for the Capitol Expressway Auto Mall (I’m happy to say they’re not your typical hard-sell auto dealer commercials).
    Recently, they made their move from radio to TV, and they kept me as the announcer. I’m still relatively new to the business, so I’m hoping it’s the start of a trend!

  6. My voice has been airing in the state of California on television on the Alladin Bail Bonds commercial for nearly 10 years. I say their signature tag line of “We’ll get you out, we’ll get you through it.”
    It’s funny but when I speak it like the commercial people often recognize the voice!
    Thanks for asking!

  7. I’m the voice of MLB.com and one of the spots that airs in all the Baseball stadiums is making its way to TV in several markets. So if you’ve heard that Jumbotron spot at your local ballpark, now you might catch it on TV.
    Let me know how the two sound different!
    Jeremy Brisiel

  8. Currently, I am the voice talent for all radio and TV commercials for Journey Homes, one of Colorado’s largest homebuilders. In 2006, I voiced a national TV campaign for Dish Network that aired for more than 6 months. I can also be heard on about 40 concert video promos on Vongo.com.

  9. Hey Stephanie and V.O. folks!
    Watch and listen for my narration on the Discovery Channel Show “Surgery Saved My Life!” It’s a great gig and I love the show, so please watch, especially if you have a Nielson Box!
    I’m also the voice of Michelob Ultra Amber, some of the spot market KFC spots, two of the Fathead.com TV spots, and With Love Hilary Duff (her perfume.)
    Thanks for asking, and I can’t wait to read more about what people are doing!
    Ed Cunningham

  10. Hi Voicesters,
    Not a heavy hitter like some of you but just did a Midwest regional TV spot for Fidelity Investments and some radio and TV spots for Bank of America Championship (now their signature voice).
    Good luck to all!
    Dave Cook

  11. Hello everyone,
    It’s always fun to pick out the voices behind the products on TV, radio, etc.. I look forward to reading more on everyone else.
    Currently, Bright House Networks (R & TV + VOD) in Central Florida, Insight Cable in Indiana, MK Tours in Florida, CBS 3 TV in Philly (Commercial VO’s), character voices behind the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway spots in California, TV spots of JD Byrider (various regional areas), Indiana & Kentucky Underground Protection Call Centers, the voice of the wise Panda on “Mahjong Quest II” video game and others…
    Hope many others post their latest. I love reading about who is behind what.

  12. Hey Steph,
    I just became the “voice” of Fatburger, the best little burger joint going, I recorded TV and Radio spots early April. Also I’m being heard on the West coast as “Cal the Adventurer” for California Coast Credit Union.In addition I’ve hooked up with XM for Corbett Canyon. All spots are on my site.The Voices site is doing great, keep it coming!!
    Garfield Maitland

  13. Well, OK…if I have to.:-)
    I am fortunate the have landed an imaging gig for WEZE Boston, Pacific Gas and Electric (Calif),Narrations for a series of extreme sports videos (Int’l), GM and GMC TV spots (Northern Calif) ,a radio spot for Calif Clean Vessel Program, an Anime Series (Ciang Mai Rascals), and several Audio Dramas. Other than that, I’m trying to figure out how to get Don Lafontaine to adopt me.
    Thanks for asking. Voices.com rocks!

  14. Hi Everyone!
    Thank you for sharing your success stories – they are very impressive.
    Keep up the good work.
    If you haven’t left a comment yet, you still can. As you can see, this is a very popular topic and it’s fun to know what others are up to (and just whose voices you are hearing on your TV set).

  15. Hi Stephanie, I guess I´m the only one representing Germany in this blog 😉
    Ok, my last nationwide TV-spot as a German voice talent was an advertisement for Disney´s Kim Possible Lipstick. Well, with kind of a character voice that sounds a little squeaky. And even if you were watching German TV I´m sure you won´t even recognize me 😉
    Anyway, greetings from Munich, Germany!

  16. Doug Hamilton has literally thousands of TV voice-over credits for commercials, including many national commercials for many clients, including the Big 3 Auto companies and others.
    As a demonstration of his versatility, Doug can currently be heard nationally as the voice on “The Many Adventures of Mr. Mailman” on PBS Kids Sprouts. Doug is both an excellent voice for announcing parts, station and network announcing (including “ReacTV 77”) and a huge number of character voices and impressions.
    Da Marie Boyer (800) 636-1595, (248) 443-2446

  17. How great to hear everyone’s success stories and funny input! I have a lot of Radio and Internet spots running including a ton of parodies, too many to list really.
    I am the voice of Taylor Woodrow Homes, General Steel and Micoley Real Estate. For Television I am the voice you hear on the Title Music for Sleeper Cell on Showtime as well as the VO for Kioseki Styler with Carmen Electra.
    I also did the background vocals for What About Love on the American Idol Showstoppers 5 CD.
    Ya know, it is just great to have opportunities and be working full time doing something I love. Singing and Voice Over!
    Lets all go Break a Lip as Mark Cashman would say!!

  18. I get a big kick out of being the voice on the University of California’s TV channel – it’s on satellite, so I’m heard every day all over the world. Since it is the “Knowledge Channel” that would make me “The Voice of Knowledge.”
    My mom lives in St. Louis, and I do a real estate show that airs there every week, and she gets a lot of pleasure hearing me on TV.
    I live in San Diego and when someone asks if they have ever heard my commercials I answer with “The San Diego Better Business Bureau, the Mark of Integrity” and, due to the fact that they buy LOTS of air time that is one that most everyone here recognizes.
    Diamond Jacks Casinos buy a lot of air time and I’m part of a really nice campaign running in Mississippi and Louisiana, and I believe my brother-in-law may have heard me in Georgia.
    I’m still looking to “attract” the big break with a national spot – I want to be a voice for DeBeers – I love to say “Diamonds” and I’d sure want to do something for the Discovery Channel…
    stay tuned!
    Thanx Stephanie, for a chance to toot my horn!
    Best of luck to all!
    Have fun!
    Marti Krane

  19. I’ve been very lucky over the past 20 plus years to voice for various larger corporations on national campaigns. Right now from SunSpots Productions you can hear me doing an “NFL” style announcer on the Ditka/Elway Circuit City tv spots. Also on General Steel on national radio and tons of others around the country.
    Don’t forget to Google Ron Paul while you’re out surfing this week.
    Peace and Happy Voicing!
    Tom Cassidy

  20. Steph,

  21. I’m trying to recall the actor who is presently speaking the commercial for the ipad. I can see his face but can’t remember his name to save me. He’s probably in his 50s or 60s and has dark black or brown hair, tall and thin. I’m not able to think of a movie or show that he was in either. Please reply.
    Thank you

  22. I’ve done maybe a dozen or so promos for TBS and TNT for various shows and movies. Also a bunch of local or regional commercials and PSAs. I can’t speak for everyone else, but even after 6 years as a VO pro, I still love hearing/seeing spots I’ve voiced. It’s still just so cool to me!
    Congrats to all of my colleagues’ success, and good luck to have even more.


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