voicevertisingUm, just what is this guy doing?  Apparently, he’s voicevertising.

Just when you thought you’d heard of everything, enter a whole slew of new “vertising” marketing ploys.

Ads are everywhere. They are on cars, buses and planes. They’re on people’s bodies: stomachs, foreheads and rear-ends. Marketers are constantly scouring for unexpected advertising real estate. Weekend America reporter Sean Cole has a look at where they’re headed next.

It used to be so easy. There was an ad on television. It had a jingle, and it reached lots of people.

“In the 50s and 60s, you just place a couple ads, and you reach everybody you could ever imagine wanting to reach,” said Steve Hall, editor of Ad-Rants, an immensely entertaining blog about the industry.

But now there are hundreds of television channels, and it’s harder and harder for advertising people to get to our eyeballs, especially with Tivo, on-demand media and Internet pop-up blockers. So it’s not surprising that a few years ago, marketers started putting ads in the oddest places. And they had some help.

One such trend?  Voicevertising.


“Vertize” has become the suffix of the new millennium. That is, ripe for satire.

“So one Friday afternoon I’m sitting there thinking what’s the most ridiculous thing I can ‘vertize’,” Floyd Hayes told me. He’s head creative bloke—that’s his real title -at an advertising agency in New York called Cunning. “And I think, well, I’ll sell my voice, you know? I just made this thing up put it up on eBay for fun.”


Although he was joking, Cadbury Adams took him seriously, and paid him a couple thousand dollars to run around Manhattan screaming the name of a throat lozenge – Halls Fruit Breezers – at the top of his lungs, every 15 minutes, every day, for a week.

“No matter where you were?” I asked him.

“Maybe I didn’t shout it as loud as I could in certain places,” Hayes said, “But you’ve got to keep your word.”

“A week is a long time,” I pointed out.

“Business hours only.”

Source:  Weekend America

©iStockphoto.com/Andres Peiro Palmer


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