Your Vote Counts!

Are you voting today?

If you live in the United States of America, today is the biggest, most monumental election day in generations.
Americans have a choice between electing Illinois Senator Barack Obama (Democrat) or Arizona Senator John McCain (Republican) for the office of the President of the United States.
Whoever is elected today and holds power in Washington, DC, will determine the kind of history is written for the next four years, perhaps the next eight, not just in the US but the world at large.

It’s all about democracy!

Wherever you are or whoever you voted for, I want to hear that you did!
Read this article and then leave a comment to let me know that you voted in your country’s election, whether in the US, Canada or abroad.


Usually at VOX Daily we talk about having a voice as a means to communicate a message through a voice over recording, but let us pause to remember that sometimes having a voice isn’t just about recording voice overs, it’s about exercising your duty to vote and make your voice heard through the casting of a ballot.
For those of you who wonder “Am I being heard?” today is your chance to be heard, perhaps to make history.


Voting for a candidate or political party is one way to get your message across.
It is one of the oldest, most effective ways of communicating your beliefs and expressing your desire to help shape the world you live in. Through the democratic process, each vote counts and cannot be ignored.

Democracy = Voice of the People

The first democracies were formed in ancient times by wise forefathers who cared deeply about their societies and civilizations. The Greeks in the city-state of Athens had a system, in fact the oldest democratic process on record, established in 510 BC.

Decisions were made locally regarding local matters by the people through their government.
Once this form of government took off, it eventually spread to other nations across the Mediterranean but was nearly destroyed by the Roman Empire in 100 BC. However, practices of democracy continued in Athens and in due time, democracy became a way of life for many nations in the Middle Ages, including the Italian cities of Siena, Florence, Genoa, Pisa, and Venice.

Modern Day Democracy

Democracy is freedom. Democracy is a gift. It is a means for you to make a difference, to have a say and to be recognized as a citizen of your country who has rights. People suffer, fight, and die for democracy. Millions of people around the world take up the cause of democracy and pursue it with every ounce of strength that they have to make the world a better place. Democracy, though cherished, is sometimes taken for granted until it is threatened or taken away. We are privileged to live in a time and place where democracy, not dictatorship or tyranny, rules over the land.
Be sure that your voice is heard.

Use Your Voice

Take responsibility and vote.
If you are of age and you don’t vote, you simply do not have a voice, period, however, if you do vote, you’ve done your country proud and performed your patriotic duty.

Do You Vote?

Simply let me know that you vote or have voted. I’d love to see a list of passionate, concerned people here on this blog. You need not say who you voted for, but do say you vote!
Update 11:33 p.m. November 4: Congratulations to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama!
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Classically trained in voice, piano, violin and musical theatre, as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, her podcast Sound Stories serves an audience that wants to achieve excellence in storytelling. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies®.


  1. Yes. I voted. Voting is such a fantastic privilege. It’s our time to be heard and express our views. We are all unique with different views and points of view.
    When elections are viewed like a team sport where people take sides and fight amongst themselves, it misses the spirit of its purpose. Voting is an action of an individual’s voice. Our differences should be celebrated. This election had an incredible turn out and passionate interest in candidates, issues and causes: which serves as a testimony to all of our patriotism.

  2. I am very proud to say that I voted and covered the election for WKNY in Kingston, NY. We in the voice over industry do have a way of influencing elections by doing a variety of political voice over projects, commercials, documentaries, etc.
    Dan Gorham

  3. I’m always out of town, it seems, on election day. Frequently I just let it slide. This year, however, there was far too much at stake to not have my say. I filed an absentee ballot weeks ago. And I’m proud to say, for once, I backed the right man. May this be just the beginning of a deep, real restructuring of our society. It’s a BIG step in the right direction, but make no mistake, it’s just the FIRST step…
    God bless America.
    Chris Camilleri

  4. Absolutely did vote, Stephanie.
    Truly an historic moment in American History for many reasons.
    We are hearing that millions around the world are excited too about the prospects of a thoughtful President with a true world view. Barack Obama has a history of surrounding himself with “best and brightest” and I expect that, like Bill Clinton, he will “govern to the middle” and truly be inclusive. We have had 8 years of polarizing, deceptive (especially VP Cheney) and unnecessarily confrontational leadership and I suspect many nations will be thrilled to find a new USA leader who may disagree with you but will make every effort to listen to you.
    One talking head suggested that Osama bin laden was fearing an Obama victory because it was far easier to pick on a country led by a President such as Bush who reflexively demonized instead of at least giving diplomacy a shot.
    As a former Navy communications officer myself, I respect Sen. McCain’s service (his concession speech was very classy – his finest hour) and sacrifices but am excited about the possibilities ahead for America and our planet.
    Sorry to ramble on…
    Dave C.

  5. Stephanie,
    YES…I voted on Election Day.
    Here in Manchester, New Hampshire, we are very, very aware of the political process, and take our responsibility very seriously.
    My local polling place was abuzz, like I’d never seen it before…and for the first time in my LIFE…I felt really proud, and was emotionally MOVED.
    Congrats to President-Elect Obama, and John McCain. Both are respectable, honest, hard-working Americans who love their country. I’m sure they’ll work together to clean things up in our government!
    Thanks for allowing us to view our thoughts…

  6. Yuppers, I voted! I re-registered last month so I could vote in the county where I currently live!
    I think the best part about it was that as I was leaving, a woman stopped me to say that I was about her daughter’s age and it made her feel good to know that my generation took a serious interest in voting.
    Yea voting!

  7. I did vote, and I was fortunate that at 11 A.M., there was not a line at my assigned polling place. It feels so very good to have voted for the winner, but my feel-good was diminished by the apparent “yes” vote on Proposition 8 in California which calls for a constitutional ammendment banning same-sex marriages. Now my interest is in the process of how the senate seats of Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be filled.

  8. Having lived in a “red” (Republican) state for 26 years, seeing Florida turn BLUE last night was a revelation!!! I have never been so inspired by a candidate, and this time, not only did I donate to the campaign several times, but worked in campaign headquarters whenever I could. And what I saw amazed me. Young and old people of every stripe, blacks and Hispanics and Asians–bright, dedicated people working toward a common goal. I’m sure the people who campaigned for Obama felt they’d really earned it. John McCain is a totally stand-up guy, intelligent and committed and trustworthy, but I felt his campaign was poorly run, and we hardly ever got to see the “real McCain.” His concession speech last night was amazing. I hope he can pull those red-state voters into his camp to work with the new administration. I feel like America just got a fresh start! And I definitely feel as though my voice was heard, loud and clear!

  9. I’ve voted in every election since I was old enough to vote. In recent years, I’ve opted for the more convenient mail-in ballot, so my vote was cast about 2 weeks ago.
    Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress

  10. You bet I voted. For the first time at my normally sleepy little polling place there was a line! Not a long line mind you, but it was exciting to see the high level of interest people were taking in the election.

  11. The “Promise” of America lives. Once the euphoria settles down, I must keep in mind, and maybe you too, the serious work is ahead for all of us, not just our elected representatives. We must, each of us, be part of the solutions or surely we will perpetrate the problems. The future is now. Long live Freedom.

  12. My husband and I did early voting last week for President Obama. My 8 year old grandson voted in a mock election at school for President Obama and has much more knowledge about the election procedure than I had at his age.
    Last night was unbelievable with all the emotions going through us as we watched the results and the speeches. Senator McCain, I feel, gave his best speech ever of this election. He was kind, gracious and totally genuine. He is a good person.
    Tears were flowing off and on all night as the results came in and of course during President Obama’s speech. We now have great hope for the future and look forward to the CHANGE!
    YES WE CAN do all things and make great changes for the people of the United States and the World with President Obama’s leadership.
    Carolyn Hyatte

  13. As someone who was watching the election coverage last night from Canada, I’d like to offer the following congratulations to both candidates as they reminded us what it means to be part of something greater than we are as individuals.
    It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a good story. In our one-size fits all world with micro updates and a barrage of technological devices, we were hungry for what happened last night, and as a result of having it, are better off and still savouring those nourishing words.
    Without a good, solid story and the ability to captivate and expressively convey a message with others on a primal level that connects deep within, you’re not going to get anywhere, especially in today’s on-demand culture that for the most part only pays lip service to our humanity and our needs.
    If anyone watched the speeches last night by Barack Obama and John McCain, you got to witness poetry in motion through profound vocal eloquence and linguistic mastery, communicated to all who would listen through a perfect marriage of hearts and minds.
    It’s these kinds of stories and ways of communicating that truly touch and make a lasting difference, impacting the lives of people around the world.
    Thank you all for commenting on this. It means a lot to me to hear your experiences.
    Best wishes,

  14. Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for creating this important entry in Vox Daily (and for the history lesson!)
    Yes, I voted and volunteered in this election. I can finally again be proud to say I am an American because we once again (as we did 16 years ago) have elected an intelligent, positive, insightful, open-minded, and forward-thinking President who knows the importance of COMMUNICATION with the world and with those who have differing opinions in his own country instead of the playground-mentality and strong-arm tactics/policies of the past 8 years. (And wow, could he give a master class on public speaking, eh?)
    As Maya Angelou said on CBS this morning so succinctly and with such glee, “We’re growing up!”
    If you can’t tell, I am ecstatic about the transformational and positive possibilities that the world has in its future lead by the gracious, eloquent, and brave President-elect Barack Obama.

  15. Absolutely, I voted! And like Bobbin, I have voted in every election since I was old enough to do so. I take this responsibility very seriously and carefully read and research not only the candidates but the myriad ballot initiatives we have in California. This election however, is the first that I have actively, and enthusiastically followed the primaries and the campaigns in a new way — as a political junkie — very unlike me. It’s a great new beginning!


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