Now you can now use WavePad audio editing on your Android.  This is a boon for voice actors who use mobile devices to save demos while on the road and for those who use apps to audition for jobs.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 19, 2013 – NCH Software, the leading provider of audio multimedia software, is continuing to expand its line of mobile applications with the addition of a new Android version of WavePad Audio Editor. With versions also available for Windows, Mac, iPhones and iPads, WavePad makes it easy for everyone to edit audio no matter what platform they are using.

The new audio editing app makes recording and editing voice, music and other audio, while on the go, fast and easy. It’s the perfect app for journalists to capture an interview, or for the voiceover artist to record a quick audition for a client.

WavePad sound editor features an easy-to-use editing interface which allows users to make quick edits such as inserting recordings from other files, cutting out part of the waveform, copying and pasting. Apply a variety of audio effects such as amplify, echo, normalize, and high pass filter to enhance the already high quality audio rautotrim The app also supports auto-trim and voice activated recording. Once a recording is finished it can be easily saved on the device or sent to someone else or to yourself for further editing when you return to the studio.

Recording on-the-go means you can’t always control the environment around you. WavePad audio editor includes powerful tools to reduce background noise such as conversations in a coffee shop or traffic sounds on the street. WavePad Audio Editing App is highly versatile and works with a variety of audio formats including .wav and .aiff.

WavePad has been a highly popular and successful product for NCH Software, receiving acclaim from users and reviewers alike including a Gold Award from Top Ten Reviews. Plus, both the iPhone and iPad versions have 4+ overall ratings from customers. Now NCH Software has brought this same quality and reliability to the mobile world with its Pocket WavePad Audio Editing App for Android.

Download the WavePad Audio Editing App from the Google Play store:


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